Exchange Workshop Agenda

Sessions held in Tandem library, Bldg. 901A, beginning at 9am

Monday Sep. 11 Bob Palmer Introduction to exchange theory

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

Rick Fernow Bent solenoid simulations
Tuesday Sep. 12 Dave Neuffer Exchange theory
Jim Norem Bent solenoid tracking results
Rick Fernow ICOOL Background feature
Wednesday Sep. 13 Yasuo Fukui Transverse bunch stacking
Scott Berg Impact of exchange on neutrino factory
Don Summers Stacking bunches
Thursday Sep. 14 Bob Palmer s-FOFO with dipoles
Dejan Trbojevic Ring cooler lattice
Juan Gallardo Bent rf cavity fields
Friday Sep. 15 Bruce King Longitudinal focusing without rf
Jim Norem Status: gentle bend dynamics
Monday Sep. 18 Rick Fernow Summary of week 1
Yaroslav Derbenev Helical channel theory
Tuesday Sep. 19 Paul Lebrun Bent solenoids in GEANT 4
Daniel Elvira Helical channel simulations
Dave Neuffer Buncher demo
Wednesday Sep. 20 Gregg Penn Helical channel simulations
Valeri Balbekov Helical channel simulations
Thursday Sep. 21 Gail Hanson s-FOFO + dipole simulations
Bob Palmer r-fofo + bend + wedges
Scott Berg Emittance exchange without wedges
Friday Sep. 22 Valeri Balbekov Exchange in ring coolers
Chun-xi Wang Status report
Yaroslav Derbenev Cooling energy spread of initial beam
Monday Sep. 25 Gail Hanson Summary of weeks 1 and 2
Allen Caldwell Low energy muon cooling
Paul Lebrun Low energy muon cooling
Dave Cline Use of friction cooling in a plasma
Tuesday Sep. 26 Status reports Y. Fukui
Wednesday Sep. 27 Status reports R. Palmer , D. Summers , S. Berg
Thursday Sep. 28
Friday Sep. 29 Status reports P. Lebrun , D. Elvira , A. Sessler, Y. Fukui , G. Hanson S. Kahn, D. Summers