NuFact 03: WG2 Agenda

Friday 6 June
Theory of Muon Physics
11:00A. de GouveaTheoretical aspects
11:30D. NomuraTheory of muon g-2 and muon edm
12:00M. KoikeTheoretical study on the lepton flavor violating mu-e conversion in nuclei
g-2, edm, and lfv
14:00L. Robertsg-2
14:25W. Morsemu-EDM
14:50A. BaldiniStatus of the MEG experiment as PSI
15:15P. YaminThe MECO Experiment: a Search for Direct mu/e Conversion in the Field of a Nucleus: PPT
Muon decay experiments
16:25D. TomonoMuon life time at RAL
16:50G. OnderwaterTowards an improved determination of the Fermi coupling constant from the muLan experiment
17:15P. KitchingTWIST—A Precision Measurement of Muon Decay at TRIUMF
17:40W. FetscherMeasurement of the polarization vector of the e+ from the decay of polarized μ+ and its implications on GF, time reversal invariance, and physics beyond the standard model
Other muon related physics topics
18:10P. StrasserRadioactive muonic atom studies with intense muon beams
Saturday 7 June
Future Muon Beams (joint with WG3)
11:00Y. MatsudaRecent development of a point positive muon source at the RIKEN-RAL muon facility: PPT
11:45K. YoshimuraFuture muon beam at the neutrino factories: PPT
Target, capture, & solenoid R&D (joint with WG3)
14:00R. BennettTargetry plans in Europe
14:15H. Kirk/K. McDonaldUS target program
14:30J. PoppMECO target: PPT
14:45K. YoshimuraPRISM target: PPT
Capture & decay channel (joint with WG3)
16:00Kevin PaulDecay channel optimization: PS, PDF
16:15Simone GilardoniHorn collection
16:30H. OhnishiPion production solenoid heat load mock-up test
16:50Bruno AutinFunneling pion and muon beams
17:05Francois MeotPion and Muon Densities in a Decay Channel: PS, PDF
17:20H. MiyateraDevelopment of high intense surface muon beam using a large solid angle axial focussing channel
17:35K. ShimomuraMuon channels at Muon Science Facility and the feasibility of super intense surface muon beam
Monday 9 June
11:00W. AlbrecioNeutrino-nucleon scattering and strange form factors: PS, PDF
11:30R. TayloeMeasuring the Strange Spin of the Nucleon with Neutrinos
12:00Y. MiyakiNeutrino Scattering on the Nucleon, and Parton Distribution Functions
Deep Inelastic Scattering
14:00U. YangUnified approach for modelling neutrino and electron scattering cross section from very high Q2 to Q2=0
14:30F. SergiampietriNear liquid argon detector for near future
15:00B. BernsteinNuTeV Structure Functions: Preliminary Results and Future Work
sin2θW: Recent Results and Future Measurements
16:00I. YounusFirst Results from SLAC E-158; Measuring Parity Violation in Moller Scattering: PPT
16:30P. ReimerDIS-Pairty: Measuring sin2θW with Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering: PPT, PDF
17:00J. YuPrecision Measurement of sin2θW at a Neutrino Factory: PPT, PDF
Tuesday 10 June
Neutrino Cross-Sections (with WG1)
11:00G. ZellerHow well do we understand neutrino cross-sections?
11:30C. WalterLow energy neutrino-nucleus cross-sections
12:00K. McFarlandCross-section measurements at MINerVA/FINeSE/JHF
New Physics (with WG1)
14:00J. SatoLepton flavor violation in long-baseline experiments
14:30J. Formaggio1+1+1=4: The hunt for the sterile neutrino: PPT
15:00K. AbazajianCosmological energy density of neutrinos from oscillation measurements
Neutrinos and Astrophysics
16:00G. FullerLow energy neutrino cross sections and astrophysics
16:30Y. EfremenkoPerspectives to study neutrino—nucleus cross sections at the Spallation Neutron Source (ORNL): PPT
17:00B. FlemingNeutrino magnetic moment: Measurements, and Predictions from the Standard Model and Astrophysics
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