NuFact 03: WG1 Agenda

Friday 6 June
11:00M. MaltoniGlobal analysis of solar and atmospheric neutrino data
11:30C. GiuntiDouble beta decay and the absolute neutrino mass scale
12:00A. deGouveaNatural expectations for Ue3
14:00G. TzanakosStatus report on MINOS: PPT
14:30J. FormaggioResults from SNO: PPT, MOV
15:00C. MooreProgress report from MiniBooNE
16:00O. YasudaNew short baseline reactor ideas: PS, PDF
16:30P. HuberCombining beams and reactors: PPT, PDF
17:00S. ChoubeyImplications of Kamland/Precision measurement of parameters before nufact: PS, PDF
Saturday 7 June
Future machines
11:00M. CampanelliEntry level neutrino factory scenarios: PPT
11:30A. BlondelWhy we think we can measure the flux to 10-3 at the neutrino factory: PPT
12:00M. MezzettoBeta beams
14:00H. MinakataOverview of Degeneracies
14:30H. SugiyamaResolving JHF Degeneracies
15:00K. WhisnantCombining Superbeams
16:00A. DoniniCombining superbeams and the neutrino factory
16:30P. Migliozzisilver channel at the neutrino factory: PPT
17:00W. WinterResolving degeneracies for different values of θ13
Monday 9 June
Future Experiments
11:00G. FeldmanProgress report from NUMI off-axis collaboration
11:30R. BernsteinIndependent study of NUMI off-axis sensitivity
12:00K. KodamaProgress report on CNGS and Opera/Icarus
14:00Y. ObayashiJHF progress report and θ13 sensitivity
14:30J. Burguet-CastellJHF intermediate detector: PS, PDF
15:00S. KahnBNL/Homestake proposal: PPT
16:00G. RajasekaranA large iron detector for the neutrino factory
16:30Y. EfremenkoA long-baseline experiment with the IHEP neutrino beam: PPT
Tuesday 10 June
Neutrino Cross-Sections (with WG2)
11:00G. ZellerHow well do we understand neutrino cross-sections?
11:30C. WalterLow energy neutrino-nucleus interactions
12:00K. McFarlandCross-section measurements at MINerVA/FINeSE/JHF: PPT
New Physics (with WG2)
14:00J. Sato/T. OtaLepton flavor violation in long-baseline experiments
14:30J. FormaggioSterile neutrinos
15:00K. AbazajianCosmological energy density of neutrinos from oscillation measurements: PPT
16:00R. ShrockNeutrino masses without a new energy scale
16:30T. OhlssonExtrinsic CPT violation in neutrino oscillations
17:00M.C. ChenNeutrino masses and mixing in SO(10) models: PS, PDF
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23 June 2003.