NuFact 03: Purpose

Recent developments in particle accelerators make it possible to conceive of intense neutrino beams based on the decay of a very intense beam of stored muons: a Neutrino Factory. A Neutrino Factory complex requires a proton accelerator capable of delivering a MW multi-GeV beam, which can also be used to generate very intense conventional neutrino beams: Neutrino Superbeams. Meutrino Superbeams and Neutrino Factory beams may enable the full neutrino mixing matrix to be precisely determined, including the measurement of CP violation in the lepton sector and a determination of the patern of neutrino masses. A Neutrino Factory would also support an extensive program of non-oscillion neutrino physics and experiments that a require very intense muon source. Implementing a Neutrino Factory facility would be an important step towards a muon collider, perhaps the route of choice to multi-TeV lepton-anti-lepton collisions. The successful operation of such a facility, therefore, may very well represent the birth of a new technique for the study of fundamental particles and their interactions.

The purpose of the meeting is to review recent developments in Neutrino Factory design, the associated R&D program, and the evolving physics program that motivates Neutrino Factories and Superbeams.

The NuFact03 workshop consists of a mixture of plenary and parallel, working group, sessions. Possible topics for plenary presentations include:

  • Status of neutrino oscillations
  • Solar neutrino experiments
  • Atmospheric neutrino experiments
  • Status and potential of long-baseline experiments
  • Neutrino superbeams
  • Status of Neutrino Factory studies in Europe, the US and Japan
  • Muon cooling
  • High proton intensity sources and possible targets
  • Implications of neutrino mass
  • Leptogenesis
  • Rare muon decays
  • Short-baseline oscillation physics
  • Short-baseline non-oscillation physics

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J. Scott Berg <>
11 October 2002.