Nufact03: Working Group Conveners Charges, and Agendas

WG1: Oscillation Physics


Dave Casper <>
Manfred Lindner <Manfred_Lindner@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE>
Kenzo Nakamura

To review the potential oscillation physics program at Neutrino Factories and Superbeams. The groups goals should include

  • Review the impact of new (since NUFACT02) oscillation results on the future oscillation physics program
  • Review the status of plans and proposals for neutrino superbeams and very massive detectors.
  • Investigate the complementarity of neutrino factories and neutrino superbeams (including beta-beams), paying attention to the resolution of correlations and ambiguities.
  • Review progress on neutrino flavor mixing models and the impact of their predictions on the required future neutrino factory and superbeams physics program.
  • Investigate what could be done with a very low intensity neutrino factory if the LSND result is confirmed.

WG2: Neutrino Scattering and Muon Physics


Alessandro Baldini <>
Bonnie Fleming <>
Masa Aoki <>

To review the potential non-oscillation neutrino and non-neutrino physics program at Neutrino Factory and Superbeam facilities. The groups goals should include:

  • Review plans and prospects for "near experiments" at future conventional neutrino beam facilities.
  • Review how the prospects for "near experiments" can be improved by neutrino factories and beta beams.
  • Investigate (in collaboration with WG3) the possibilities for obtaining muon beams at a neutrino factory suited for a high- intensity muon-based physics program.
  • Investigate the prospects for interesting the nuclear physics community and other scientific disciplines in superbeams and neutrino factories.

WG3: Machine design and R&D


Rob Edgecock <>
Rob Rimmer <>
Shinji Machida <>

To review future R&D plans and progress since NUFACT02 on the design and R&D for neutrino factories and superbeams (including beta beams). The groups goals should include:

  • Review recent neutrino factory designs and R&D in Europe, Japan, and the US, and discuss the prospects for increased international collaboration on the R&D.
  • Review prospects and plans for superbeam related R&D.
  • Review progress (since NUFACT02) on beta-beam designs and identify the main challenges in implementing a beta-beam.
  • Investigate (in collaboration with WG2) the possibilities for obtaining muon beams at a neutrino factory suited for a high- intensity muon-based physics program.
  • Review progress on neutrino factory simulations, targetry R&D, and cooling experimental R&D.
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