NuFact 03: WG3 Agenda

Friday 6 June
New Cooling Results
11:00R. RajaGeant3 as a tool for simulating muon cooling and acceleration
11:20S. KahnTetra Ring Cooler—Simulation results and Realistic fields: PPT
11:40Rick FernowRFOFO ring cooler simulation results
12:00H. KirkQuadrupole ring cooler—simulation results
12:15Y. Fukui/A. GarrenLithium lens ring
14:00Grahame ReesCooling ring: RAL
14:20Raphael GaleaFrictional cooling
14:40D. NeufferNew ideas in bunching and phase rotation: PPT
15:00R. PalmerInjection problem into rings
15:15Rolland JohnsonCooling using gas absorbers
Other Cooling, Drivers
16:00Yoshihisa IwashitaVelocity Compliant Bunching Scheme with Amplitude Modulation
16:20Martin BerzLinear quad precooler
16:40Kyoko MakinoBalbekov (Tetra) ring simulation results in COSY
17:00Chris PriorISIS MW upgrade plans
17:20J. Nakano150 MeV FFAG: PPT
17:40V. BalbekovBunch compressor for a muon collider
18:00Alessandro G. RuggieroSCL for 1-MW AGS upgrade: PPT
Saturday 7 June
Future Muon Beams (joint with WG2)
11:00Y. MatsudaRecent development of a point positive muon source at the RIKEN-RAL muon facility: PPT
11:45K. YoshimuraFuture muon beam at the neutrino factories: PPT
Target, capture, & solenoid R&D (joint with WG2)
14:00R. BennettTargetry plans in Europe
14:15H. Kirk/K. McDonaldUS target program
14:30J. PoppMECO target: PPT
14:45K. YoshimuraPRISM target: PPT
Capture & decay channel (joint with WG2)
16:00Kevin PaulDecay channel optimization: PS, PDF
16:15Simone GilardoniHorn collection
16:30H. OhnishiPion production solenoid heat load mock-up test: PPT
16:50Bruno AutinFunneling pion and muon beams: PPT
17:05Francois MeotPion and Muon Densities in a Decay Channel: PS, PDF
17:20H. MiyateraDevelopment of high intense surface muon beam using a large solid angle axial focussing channel
17:35K. ShimomuraMuon channels at Muon Science Facility and the feasibility of super intense surface muon beam
Monday 9 June
Mucool and MICE
11:00Al Moretti805 MHz studies in Lab G
11:15Derun Li201.25 MHz cavity progress
11:30J. Norem, E. McKigney, P. GruberDark currents and background
12:00A. BrossMucool test area status and plans
14:00Kara HoffmanBeam Profiling in a Muon Cooling Channel: PPT
14:30M. CummingsAbsorber development (US): PPT
15:00Yoshi KunoAbsorber development (Japan): PPT
15:15Wing LauAbsorber studies at Oxford (LH2 flow in absorber): PPT
16:00Paul DrummPlans for MICE at RAL
16:30Alan BrossMICE detectors
17:00Helmut HaserothMICE cooling cell
 SkrinskyRF Systems for MICE: PPT
Tuesday 10 June
Acceleration and Storage Rings
11:00Rong-Li Geng200 MHz SCRF cavity development for RLAs: PPT
11:20Alex BogaczOptimized beam optics for muon acceleration
11:40Francois MeotAcceleration: plans in Europe
12:00Don SummersA Pulsed Muon Synchrotron for Acceleration at a Neutrino Factory
14:00Carol JohnstoneDevelopments in FFAGs (I)
14:20Robert PalmerDevelopments in FFAGs (II)
14:40Shinji MachidaFFAG lattice and tracking
14:50T. YokoiBeam Injection and Extraction in Radial Sector FFAG Accelerator
15:00Akira SatoFFAG construction for PRISM
15:20T. OgitsuNormal and superconducting magnets for FFAG
World-wide study III discussion
16:15Mike ZismanRegion 1: USA
16:35Rob EdgecockRegion 2: Europe (& Russia): PPT
16:55Yoshi KunoRegion 3: Asia: PPT, PDF
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23 June 2003.