NuFact 03 First Bulletin

General Information

NuFact03 is the fifth annual Neutrino Factory workshop. This series of annual meetings is devoted to discussing the full physics potential of the Neutrino Factory, as well as the design and feasibility of the accelerator complex and the various detectors. The meeting will also review and discuss the prospects for neutrino superbeams and beta beams, and the associated physics programs. The NuFact03 workshop starts on Thursday June 5, 2003 and ends at mid-day on Wednesday June 11, 2003. In conjunction with this workshop there will also be a summer school for students and others, the second Neutrino Factory Summer Institute, which will take place in Shelter Island, New York from May 27, 2003 to June 4, 2003. For more information refer to

Recent developments in particle accelerators make it possible to conceive of intense neutrino beams based on the decay of a beam of stored muons: a Neutrino Factory. A Neutrino Factory complex requires a proton accelerator capable of delivering a MW multi-GeV beam, which can also be used to generate very intense conventional neutrino beams: Neutrino Superbeams. Neutrino Superbeams and Neutrino Factory beams may enable the full neutrino mixing matrix to be precisely determined, including the measurement of CP violation in the lepton sector and a determination of the pattern of neutrino masses. A Neutrino Factory would also support an extensive program of non-oscillation neutrino physics and experiments that require a very intense muon source. Implementing a Neutrino Factory facility would be an important step towards a muon collider, perhaps the route of choice to multi-TeV lepton-anti-lepton collisions. The successful operation of such a facility, therefore, may very well represent the birth of a new approach for the study of fundamental particles and their interactions.

The purpose of the meeting is to review recent developments in Neutrino Factory and Superbeam design, the associated R&D program, and the evolving physics program that motivates Neutrino Factories and Superbeams.

Scientific Program

The NuFact03 workshop consists of a mixture of plenary and parallel, working group, sessions. Possible topics for plenary presentations include:

  • Status of neutrino oscillations
  • Solar neutrino experiments
  • Atmospheric neutrino experiments
  • Status and potential of long-baseline experiments
  • Short-baseline oscillation physics
  • Neutrino scattering and muon physics
  • Neutrino superbeams
  • Status of Neutrino Factory studies in Europe, the US and Japan
  • Muon cooling
  • High proton intensity sources and possible targets
  • Implications of neutrino mass
  • Leptogenesis
  • Rare muon decays

There will be three working groups:

  1. Machine
  2. Neutrino oscillation: physics and detector
  3. Neutrino scattering and muon physics: physics and detector

Workshop Site

The workshop will be held in the physics department of Columbia University in New York City. Directions to the Columbia campus can be found at and Maps of the Morningside heights campus and surrounding area are at and


Details of how to register for NuFact03 will be posted on the NuFact03 web-site ( around January 1, 2003.


Questions concerning the workshop can be addressed to

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