All sessions will take place at Perseverence Hall, which is in the same building as the cafeteria, building 54.

Sunday, January 25
Introduction, chair H. Kirk
 Logistics: PPT, PDFZisman
09:10–09:45NFMCC Status Report: PDFBross
09:45–10:20MCTF Status Report: PPT, PDFJansson
10:20–10:30MCCC Update: PDFKirk
Physics and Detectors, chair S. Geer
11:00–11:30Physics Opportunities at Neutrino Factories: PDFParke
11:30–12:00Background Simulations and IR Beamline Design for a Muon Collider: PDFJohnstone
12:00–12:15Muon Collider Detector Design Developments: PDFDemarteau
12:15–12:30Strengthening the Physics Case for a Muon Collider: PDFEichten
MICE 1, chair D. Kaplan
13:30–14:00MICE Overview: PDFBlondel
14:00–14:20Target Status and PlansTBD
14:20–14:40Tracker Status: PPT, PDFEllis
14:40–15:00PID Status: PPT, PDFCremaldi
MICE 2, chair A. Blondel
15:30–15:50Solenoid Status: PPT, PDFVirostek
15:50–16:05RFCC Status (Including RF Power Supply): PPT, PDFLi
16:05–16:25Tracker Solenoid Mapping: PPT, PDFFreemire
16:25–16:40Analysis IssuesTorun
Project Manager's Report
17:00–17:40Project Manager's Report: PPT, PDFZisman
MuCool 1, chair A. Bross
17:40–18:10MuCool OverviewTorun
18:10–18:40Vacuum RF Tests: PPT, PDFHuang
Monday, January 26
MuCool 2, chair D. Li
09:00–09:30HP RF Tests: PDFYonehara
09:30–09:45Refurbishment of the 805 MHz Cavity: PPT, PDFRimmer
09:45–10:00LiH Absorber R&D: PPT, PDFBross
10:00–10:15MuCool Coupling Coil: PDFGreen/Virostek
10:15–10:30MTA Beam Line: PPT, PDFJohnstone
MuCool 3, chair A. Bross
11:00–11:20HTS Strand, Cable R&D, and Coil R&D (HTS National Collaboration): PDFBarzi
11:20–11:40HCC 4-Coil TestKashikhin
11:40–12:10RF Theory and Atomic Layer Deposition: PDFNorem
12:10–12:30Dielectric Loaded Cavities: PPT, PDFPopovic
Target/MERIT 1, chair H. Kirk
13:30–14:00Targetry Program Overview: PPT, PDFMcDonald
14:00–14:30Optical Diagnostics: PPT, PDFPark
14:30–15:00Pump/Probe Results: PPTX, PDFEfthymiopoulos
Target/MERIT 2, chair K. McDonald
15:30–16:00Magnetohydrodynamics: PPT, PDFW. Bo
16:00–16:30Optimized Target Paramters: PPT, PDFDing
16:30–17:00Targetry Future Plans: PPT, PDFKirk
Technical Board Meeting
17:00–18:30Technical Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 27
IDS, chair M. Zisman
09:00–09:20Overview/Goals: PDFBerg
09:20–09:50Front End and Low Energy Neutrino Factory Option: PPT, PDFNeuffer
09:50–10:05Linac/RLA Design: PPT, PDFBogacz
10:05–10:15FFAG Design: PDFBerg
Design and Simulation 1, chair A. Jansson
11:00–11:25Report on the Muon Collider Design Workshop: PPT, PDFBogacz
11:25–11:50Helical Cooling Channel Progress: PDFYonehara
11:50–12:15Cooling with Magnetic Insulation: PDFPalmer
12:15–12:30Breakdown from Asperities: PPT, PDFStratakis
Design and Simulation 2, chair R. Fernow
13:30–13:50Helical FOFO Snake: PPT, PDFAlexahin
13:50–14:10Core (Penning Trap) Simulations of the Inverse Cyclotron: PPTX, PDF, MOV, MOVPaul
14:10–14:30Guggenheim Simulations: PDFSnopok
14:30–14:5050 T Solenoid Design: PPT, PDFWeggel
Design and Simulation 3, chair J. S. Berg
15:30–15:50Rapid Cycling Acceleration: PDF1, PPT2, PDF2Summers
15:50–16:10RLA Acceleration: PPT, PDFBogacz
16:10–16:30Collider Ring Design: PDFGianfelice
16:30–17:00Proton Driver: PDFLebedev
Executive Board Meeting
17:00–18:30Executive Board Meeting
Working Dinner
 A Path to a Muon ColliderS. Geer
Wednesday, January 28
Long-Range Planning 1, chair R. Palmer
09:00–09:30Vacuum RF Cavity Experiments and Square Cavity Design: PPTX, PDFMoretti
09:30–10:00RF Tests/Concepts for Magnetic Insulation: PPT, PDFStratakis
10:00–10:30A μ2e upgrade Using the Proton Driver: PPT, PDFAnkenbrandt
Long-Range Planning 2, chair V. Shiltsev
11:00–11:306D Cooling in MICE: PDFRogers
11:30–12:00Possible Test of FOFO Snake in MICE: PPT, PDFAlexahin
12:00–12:30Update on MANX: PPT, PDFJohnson
Long-Range Planning 3, chair G. Hanson
13:30–14:006D Cooling Experiment: PDFPalmer
14:00–15:00Overview of the 5-Year Plan Proposal and Discussion. Zisman: PPT, PDF; Jansson: PPT, PDFGeer
Wrap-Up, chair J. Gallardo
15:30–16:00Wrap-Up: PPT, PDFKirk