2nd High-Power Targetry Workshop

Meetings will occur in Room 156 of the Central Laboratory and Office Building, 8600.

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Sunday PM
6:30Social at the Comfort Inn sponsored by Duratek, Inc.
Monday AM: Facilities Status Reports — Tony Gabriel and Harold Kirk
7:00Breakfast and Registration, Room C-156
8:15Tony Gabriel
Harold Kirk
8:30Tom McManamyORNLSummary of the AccApp05 Session on Accelerator Target Testing Facilities: PPT, PDF
9:00John HainesORNLStatus of the SNS Target Systems: PPT, PDF
9:30Robbie ScottRALDesign of the Second Target for ISIS: PPT, PDF
10:30Werner WagnerPSISINQ target development: PPT, PDF
11:00Takeshi NakadairaKEKThe JPARC Neutrino Target: PPT, PDF
11:30Reg RonningenMSURIA, An Overview and Current Target R&D: PPT, PDF
12:00Lunch and Working Groups
Monday PM: Liquid/Solid Targets — Gerd Heidenreich
1:00Jaques LettryCERNHigh Temperature Targets
1:30P. HurhFNALNuMI Target Hall Experience: PPT #1, PPT #2, PDF
2:00G. HeidenreichPSIA Graphite Muon target: PPT, PDF
2:30Werner WagnerPSIA 1 MW liquid PbBE target: PPT, PDF
3:20G. HeidenreichPSIA solid Pb/Zr Target
3:50D. LousteauORNLSNS Mercury Target Status: PPT, PDF
4:20C.C. TsaiORNLGraphite Sublimation Tests with Inert Gas Mitigation: PPT, PDF
4:50H. KirkBNLA High-Power Hg Jet experiment at CERN: PPT, PDF
Tuesday AM: Discussion on the Development of a High Powered Target Test Facility — Tony Gabriel
7:00Breakfast and Registration, Room C-156
8:00Discussions on the Development of a High Powered Target Test Facility
Tuesday AM: Simulations — Nikolai Mokhov
10:20Nikolai MokhovFNALTarget Simulations For Hadron, Electron and Heavy-ion Beams: PPT, PDF
10:50Susana ReyesLANLRadiation Damage Calculations for High Power Beams: PPT, PDF
11:20Goran SkoroSheffieldLS-DYNA Simulations of Thermal Shock in Solids: PPT, PDF
11:50Lunch and Working Groups
Tuesday PM: Simulations (cont.) — Nikolai Mokhov
1:35Nikolai MokhovFNALThe MARS15 code: PPT, PDF
2:35Koji NiitaJAERIThe PHITS code: PPT, PDF
3:25Michael JamesLANLThe MCNPX code: PPT, PDF
3:55Itacil GomesI.C. Gomes
Comparing MCNPX and PHITS for target performance: PPT, PDF
4:25Roman SamulyakBNLMagnetohydrodynamics simulations: PPT, PDF
Wednesday AM: Simulations (cont.)— Nikolai Mokhov
7:00Breakfast and Registration, Room C-156
8:00Reg Ronningen
Igor Remec
Radiation Transport Calculations for the RIA Facility: PPT #1, PDF #1, PPT #2, PDF #2
Wednesday AM: Material Studies — Nick Simos and Lou Mansur
8:30Stuart MaloyLANLRadiation Effects in Solid Spallation Target Materials: PPT, PDF
9:00Lou MansurORNLMaterials Issues for High Power Accelerator Targets
9:30Nikolaos SimosBNLCurrent and Future Materials Testing: PPT, PDF
10:30Yong DaiPSISINQ Target Irradiation Program - STIP: PPT, PDF
11:00Jerry NolenANLMaterial Damage Studies for RIA via Uranium: PPT, PDF
11:30Rick WoodLANLDesign of the 800kW Target for the LANL fast-spectrum Materials Test Station (MTS)
12:00Lunch and Working Groups
1:30Tours and Working Groups
Thursday AM: Target Station Infrastructure — Hajo Heyck
7:00Breakfast and Registration, Room C-156
8:00Mark RennichORNLRemote Handling at the SNS
8:30Jerry NolenANLHarvesting of Radionuclides
9:00Mark StoyerLLNLHarvesting of Isotopes at High Powered Accelerator Facilities
10:00Young ParkANLUse of Robotics in Radiological Areas
10:30Hajo HeyckPSIInfrastructure of a Spallation Neutron Source
Thursday AM: Target Test Facilities — John Haines and Tom McManamy
11:00B. RiemerORNLSNS Mercury Target Development
11:30M. WendelORNLGas Bubble Injection Tests in Mercury
12:00Lunch and Working Groups
Thursday PM: Target Test Facilities (cont.) — John Haines and Tom McManamy
1:30Claude ReedANLFirst Operation of a Thin-Film Liquid Lithium Stripper Test Apparatus
2:00Steve WenderLANLHigh Intensity Proton and Neutron Testing Capabilities, Needs, and Possibilities
2:30Ernests PlatacisIPULLiquid Metal Testing at IPUL
6:00Thursday Evening Dinner Talk
Italian Market, 9648 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922
Friday AM: Discussions/Current and Future R&D, Target Test Facilities — Tony Gabriel and Harold Kirk
7:00Breakfast and Registration, Room C-156
8:30Discussions on Current and Future R&D and Target Test Facilities
12:00Lunch and Working Groups
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21 December 2005.