2nd High-Power Targetry Workshop

October 10–14, 2005
Oak Ridge, TN

The workshop will be held at the SNS, Building 8600, Room C-156. The Oak Ridge Knoxville Airport Route Map is better for the drive from the McGhee Tyson Airport into Oak Ridge. It shows Pellissippi Parkway very well and that is the best route to take. It is recommend ito stay off I-140 due to the construction work that takes place daily, which causes traffic to backup. The City of Oak Ridge Map shows the Oak Ridge hotels, along with directions to the SNS.

When traveling to the SNS on Bethel Valley Road, your first stop will be the Guard Gate; be sure to stay in the right lane as you approach. You will need to show ID, such as Driver's License for U.S. Citizens, and Passport and Visa for Foreign Nationals. The guard will tell you to proceed to Guest Services for badging; however, DO NOT travel to Guest Services. Proceed, instead, straight to the SNS where all badges will be outside of Conference Room C-156.

After you finish at the Guard Gate, drive approximately 5 miles until you see the Spallation Neutron Source sign (large concrete sign) on the right side of Bethel Valley Road. Turn right, drive about 1.5 miles up a 2-lane, curvy road. When you get to the top, the road will divide on either side of the parking lot. Take the road to the right and you will see the SNS on your right (a banana-shaped bldg.).

Walk up the outside steps of the SNS and enter through the double doors to your right. If you have problems, please call Ruth Lawson at 865-574-4079 and she will try to guide you in.

Privacy and Security Notice

J. Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov>
3 October 2005.