High-power Targetry for Future Accelerators

September 8–12, 2003

The workshop will bring together interested scientists and engineers from the international community. In particular scientist from the major high-energy laboratories in the US, Japan and Europe will be encouraged to attend. Subject matter of the workshop will focus on problems and solutions for targetry utilizing MW class future accelerators. Both high average power and high peak power issues will be explored.

Here is an initial list of speakers and talks:

Eric PitcherLANLFuels and Materials Test Station
Paul LisowskiLANLA new vision of IFMIF
Friedrich GreoschelPSIA Liquid Pb-Bi Target at SINQ
Helge RavnCERNEURISOL targetry issues
Kirk McDonaldPrincetonNeutrino factory targetry concept
Roger BennettRALSolid tantalum targets
Yoshikazu YamadaKEKJPARC Main Ring targets
Yoshinari HayatoKEKThe JPARC neutrino target
Jerry NolenANLA Liquid Li target for RIA
Georg BollenMSURIB production at RIA
Tony GabrielORNLThe Spallation Hg Target
Nikolai MokhovFNALNuMI Target: Today and Tomorrow
Jim Morgan, Pat HurhFNALPbar Target and Collection
Geoff MillsLANLMiniBoone Target
Vinod BharadwajSLACNLC positron production target
Jim NoremANLShock magnetohydrodynamic testing
Nikolai MokhovFNALUncertainties in Energy Deposition Predictions
Laurie WatersLANLUsing MCNPX and TRAC Code for Target Design
Roman SamulyakBNLModeling of Free Surface MHD Flows and Cavitation
Y. PrykarpatskyBNLSimulation of Muon Collider Target Experiments
Peter ThiebergerBNLMoving Solid Targets in a multi-MW beam environment
Ahmed HassaneinANLShock hydrodynamic studies in liquid and solid targets
Gunter BauerFZ-JulichCarrying ESS Forward - R&D on High Power Targets in the EU-FP6
Bernie RiemerORNLBenchmarking Dynamic Strain Predictions of Pulsed Mercury Spallation Target Vessels

The organizing committee consists of the following:

Harold Kirk, ChairBNL
John HainesORNL
Koji YoshimuraKEK
Kirk McDonaldPrinceton
Nikolai MokhovFermilab
Helge RavnCERN
John SheppardSLAC

The attendance is expected to be around 60.

Privacy and Security Notice

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13 August 2003.