High-power Targetry for Future Accelerators

Sunday September 7
EveReception, 7-9 PM
Monday September 8: Facilities
8:30R. PalmerBNLOpening Remarks
8:45Eric PitcherLANLThe Fuels and Materials Test Station: PPT, PDF
9:30John HainesORNLThe Spallation Hg target: PPT, PDF, AVI
10:15Coffee Break
10:45Gunter BauerFZ-JülichCarrying ESS Forward - R&D on High Power Targets in the EU-FP6
11:30Richard SheffieldLANLHigh Power Accelerator Facility for Target Development and Material Testing
1:30Georg BollenMSURIB production at RIA: PPT, PDF
2:15Yoshikazu YamadaKEKTarget system for hadron and neutrino beam lines at J-PARC: PPT, PDF
3:00Coffee Break
3:30Geoff MillsLANLMiniBoone targets: PPT, PDF
4:15Richard WerbeckLANLPerformance of a claded W-rod Spallation Target
5:00Simone Gilardoni
Helmut Haseroth
U. Genève
Horn R&D for 2002-2003: PPT, PDF
5:30Hiroo NakamuraJAERILiquid Lithium Target in IFMIF
Tuesday September 9: Solid Targets
8:30Roger BennettRALSolid tantalum targets: PPT, PDF
9:15Yoshinari HayatoKEKThe JPARC neutrino target: PPT, PDF
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Nikolai MokhovFNALNuMI Target: Today and Tomorrow: PPT, PDF
11:15Vinod BharadwajSLACNLC positron production target: PPT, PDF
1:15Peter SieversCERNMoving and stationary high-power targets for Neutrino Factories
2:00Bernie RiemerORNLDynamic Strain Predictions of a Pulsed Mercury Spallation Target
2:45Coffee Break
3:15Nick SimosBNLSimulations of proton beam induced pressure waves: PPT, PDF
4:00Jim MorganFNALPbar Targetry: PPT, PDF
4:20Pat HurhFNALPbar Collection: PPT, PDF
Wednesday September 10: Liquid Targets
8:30Friedrich GröschelPSIA Liquid Pb-Bi Target at SINQ
9:15Helge RavnCERNEURISOL and BETA beam targetry issues: PPT, PDF
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Kirk McDonaldPrincetonNeutrino factory targetry concept
PMLunch and Trip to Sunken Forest
Thursday September 11: Simulations/Theory
8:30Jerry NolenANLHigh power targets for RIA: PPT, PDF
9:15Nikolai MokhovFNALUncertainties in Energy Deposition Predictions
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Laurie WatersLANLUsing MCNPX and TRAC Code for Target Design: PPT, PDF
11:15Roman SamulyakBNLModeling of Free Surface MHD Flows and Cavitation: PPT, PDF
1:15Jim NoremANLShock magnetohydrodynamic testing
2:00Peter ThiebergerBNLMoving solid targets in a multi-MW beam environment: DOC, PDF
2:45Coffee Break
3:15Y. PrykarpatskyBNLSimulation of Muon Collider Target Experiments: PPT, PDF
4:00Richard WerbeckLANLLANSCE Short-Pulse Target Operation: PPT, PDF
EveBanquet 6:30 PM
Friday September 12
8:30Round Table Discussion
9:30John HainesORNLFacilities: PPT, PDF
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Roger BennettRALSolid Targets: PPT, PDF
11:00Helge RavnCERNLiquid Targets: PPT, PDF
11:30Nikolai MokhovFNALSimulations/Theory: PPT, PDF
12:00Workshop Conclusion
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30 September 2003.