High-power Targetry for Future Accelerators
Instructions for Speakers

We will have a LCD projector and an overhead transparency projector available at the workshop. For those of you with electronic presentations, we would prefer to have a copy of your presentation before you give the talk, so we can project all the presentations from a single laptop (to avoid the difficulties of switching the projector from one laptop to another). Therefore, please email a copy of your presentation to hkirk@bnl.gov, or bring a CD-ROM with an electronic copy of the presentation. Note that we will be using a Windows machine to project the presentation. The machine has Office XP professional on it. If it is not possible to do this, you can still project from your own laptop, but we would appreciate your making an attempt to get the talk to us so make the workshop run more smoothly. Macintosh users: if you need to project from your laptop, please be aware that we do not have the appropriate conversion cable, so you need to bring your own.

The proceedings of this workshop will consist simply of a CD-ROM containing the talks presented at the workshop. The talks will also be archived on the web. Please email a copy of or a link to your talk to hkirk@bnl.gov. If you do not have your talk in electronic form, please give a copy of your transparencies to Kathleen Tuohy or Pat Tuttle, the conference secretaries. Please note: by submitting your transparencies (electronic or plastic) to us, you are giving permission to Brookhaven National Laboratory to publish those transparencies as we see fit.

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J. Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov>
13 August 2003.