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Muon Collider Design Workshop

Motivation & Plans

This workshop will bring together all the groups working on designs for muon colliders. We will assess the current state of simulation work and experiments. We will examine practical limits on the performance of required technologies. We will attempt to focus future effort towards a baseline collider scenario.

Organizing Committee


Tuesday December 1
Chair: H. Kirk
0900-0915S. VigdorWelcome & logistics by H. Kirk
0915-0945K. McDonaldTargetry R&D for MC
0945-1015F. LadeindeDynamics of Hg target delivery & dump
1015-1045R. SamulyakTargetry simulations
Chair: G. Hanson
1100-1130C. AnkenbrandtProton X as driver for NF & MC
1130-1200M. PopovicCW linac as proton driver
1200-1230R. JohnsonProgress towards LEMC
Chair: Y. Alexahin
1330-1400D. NeufferFront end of IDS and MC
1400-1430G. HansonUpdate on 6D cooling studies
1430-1500V. LebedevIonization cooling with Li lens
1500-1520C. YoshikawaQuasi-isochronous HCC
Chair: J. Gallardo
1540-1600R. RedwineOptical stochastic cooling
1600-1620C. TschalaerOptical stochastic cooling
1620-1640F. WangOptical stochastic cooling
1640-1700J. Park6D cooling ring studies
1700-1720K. LeeLi lens cooling simulations
1720-1740V. MorozovEpicyclic helical channel for PIC
Wednesday December 2
Cooling MiniWorkshop
Chairs: A. Tollestrup & R. Fernow
0830-1045K. YoneharaHCC
 Vl. KashikhinHelical solenoid design studies
 M. NeubauerRF design for HCC
1100-1230Y. AlexahinFOFO-snake
1330-1500R. Palmer50 T channel
1500-1600V. BalbekovFinal muon cooling with solenoids & Li lenses
1615-1730discussion on cooling preparations for review
Thursday December 3
Chair: R. Johnson
0900-0930R. GuptaBNL magnet work
0930-1000Va. KashikhinMagnets for MC ring & interaction regions
1000-1030A. ZlobinMagnet R&D for muon beam cooling at FNAL
Chair: D. Neuffer
1045-1115D. TrbojevicRLA with FFAG arcs
1115-1145D. SummersFast ramping muon synchrotron acceleration
1145-1210A. BogaczTeV-scale muon RLA
1210-1230A. TollestrupGas-filled RF cavities
Chair: M. Zisman
1400-1430Y. AlexahinCollider ring design
1430-1500A. NetepenkoCollider ring dynamic aperture studies
Chair: R. Palmer
1520-1540K. PaulField emission in 805 MHz cavity
1540-1600A. JanssonMTA RF work
1600-1620D. StratakisCooling with magnetic insulated channel
1620-1640M. CummingsIntegrated MC detector design

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