ISS Machine WG 21–27 April 2006

Neutrino Factory Target Yield Considerations: PPT, PDFS. Brooks
Considerations on Target, Capture, and Decay for a 4 MW Neutrino Factory/SuperbeamK. McDonald
Meson Production CalculationsH. Kirk
Beam Pulse Structure and Targets: PPT, PDFR. Bennett
Solid Targets for the Neutrino Factory: PPT, PDFR. Bennett
Proton Driver
Fermilab and Muons: Proton Driver: PPT, PDFD. Neuffer
SPL-based Proton Driver for ν Facilities at CERN: Updated Description: PPT, PDFR. Garoby
Front End
ν-Factory Front End Phase Rotation Gas-Filled RF: PPT, PDFD. Neuffer
ISS CoolingR. Palmer
Collection System, Horn: PPT, PDFM. Dracos
Muon Acceleration: Amplitude Effects in Non-Scaling FFAG: PPT, PDFS. Machida
Dogbone RLA: Error Tolerances and Tracking: PPT, PDFA. Bogacz
FFAG Acceleration StuffJ. S. Berg
Beam Transmission in Isochronous FFAG LatticesF. Méot
Storage Ring
NuFact Muon Storage RingF. Méot
Neutrino Factory, μ± Decay Rings: PPT, PDFG. Rees
ISS Muon Bunch Structure: PPT, PDFG. Rees
ISS Accelerator Working Group Planning MeetingM. Zisman
Wrong working group
Deviations from Tri-Bimaximal MixingP. Harrison
HEP Roadmap in India relevant to International Design Study for a Neutrino Factory: PPTN. Mondal