FFAG Acceleration Videoconferences

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Here you can find the agenda for the series of videoconferences that we are having leading up to the workshop. If you wish to have your site added to the video conference, send me email. Someone at each site must schedule their room and whatever else they need to get things working on their end.

1 August 2002 (DCS 212138)
Carol Johnstone  Non-Scaling FFAG Scheme
J. Scott Berg Parameter Sets
J. Scott Berg Workshop Schedule
J. Scott Berg Organizing Committee
J. Scott Berg Video conference time
15 August 2002 (DCS 212139)
Carol Johnstone Non-Scaling FFAG Scheme
Yoshiharu Mori Scaling FFAGs Designs
J. Scott Berg Parameter Sets
24 September 2002 (DCS 212142)
Dejan Trbojevic Low-Dispersion FFAG Design
Yoshiharu Mori FFAG progress in Japan
7 October 2002 (DCS 212143)
3 December 2002, 6:30 PM EST (DCS 228834)
Dejan Trbojevic Low-Dispersion FFAG: Improved Dynamic Aperture
J. Scott Berg Sextupoles in FODO FFAG
Eberhard Keil Adiatabic transitions for FODO racetrack FFAGs
7 January 2003, 6:30 PM EST (DCS 228835)
Dejan TrbojevicLattice progress: FMC, sextupole removal from low emittance
J. Scott Berg MUTAC
4 February 2003, 6:30 PM EST (DCS 228836)
Yoshiharu Mori
Shinji Machida
The Compact Scaling FFAG
Dejan Trbojevic"Explosive results" on FFAG lattices
Phil MeadsSmooth Approximation for Scaling FFAGs
4 March 2003, 6:30 PM EST (DCS 228837)
Bob PalmerRealistic Magnets in Dejan's Lattice
Dejan TrbojevicLattice Updates
1 April 2003, 6:30 PM EST (DCS 228838)
5 August 2003, 7 PM EST (DCS 260154)
Bob PalmerICOOL simulations of FFAGs
Jorg KewischLattices with straight sections
Shane KoscielniakAnalytical formulas for time-of-flight range
Alessandro Ruggiero1.5 GeV proton FFAG
9 March 2004, 10 AM EST
Shane KoscielniakApril FFAG Workshop Agenda
Yoshiharu MoriNext FFAG Workshop
Alessandro Ruggiero 1.5 GeV FFAG Injector for the AGS
Bob Palmer Study IIa FFAG Simulations
Eberhard Keil Electron Model of FFAG Ring for Muon Acceleration
François Méot Tracking in FFAG Magnets and Rings Using ZGOUBI: PS, PDF
Steve Kahn FFAG Magnet Design to Study IIa Specs
J. Scott Berg Characteristics of Optimum-Cost Lattices
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