FFAG Acceleration Workshop Schedule

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During this workshop, we hope that people will be working on actual FFAG designs, using and improving the tools at their disposal to more thoroughly analyze, optimize, understand, and improve these designs (and maybe come up with new ones!). Thus, the majority of each day will be devoted to time for people to work, hopefully with individuals that they don't normally have daily contact with. A smaller part of each day will also be devoted to two types of talks. There will be informational talks, which should introduce some particular topic of relevance to FFAG design, and will hopefully simulate thought and discussion of how that area must be considered in individual designs. Also, there will be progress talks, where groups of individuals can talk about what they have accomplished that day, hopefully receiving feedback from those who weren't working directly with them.

For the first week, progress talks will begin at approximatly 4PM, followed by informational talks at approximately 5PM. This is because many people from Japan will be unable to attend the first week, so there will be a video conference to Japan those evenings. During the second week, informational talks will begin the day at 9AM, with progress talks at the end of the day (about 5PM).

Here is an outline of the informational talks:

28 October 2002
Non-Scaling FFAG Lattice Design
Tools Used in FFAG Design
29 October 2002
Nonlinear Effects in FFAGs
Magnet End Effects
Transverse Dynamic Aperture
30 October 2002
Magnet Design for Non-Scaling FFAGs
31 October 2002
Longitudinal Dynamics in High-Frequency FFAGs
1 November 2002
Longitudinal-Transverse Coupling
4 November 2002
Scaling FFAG Lattice Design
5 November 2002
6 November 2002
Magnet Design for Scaling FFAGs
7 November 2002
Nonlinear Effects in Scaling FFAGs
8 November 2002
Cooling in FFAGs
Other Exotic Uses of FFAGs
Privacy and Security Notice

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16 September 2002.