MUTAC 2009

Final Report

The 2009 MUTAC report is available as a MS Word or PDF file.


Location: Fermilab, Wilson Hall Comitium (second floor, SE)

Monday, April 6
08:30–09:00Executive Session
09:00–09:10Welcome remarksHolmes
09:10–09:40NFMCC Overview: PPT, PDFBross
09:40–10:10MCTF Overview: PPT, PDFShiltsev
10:10–10:35Physics Motivation: PDFEichten
10:35–10:50Coffee break
10:50–11:25NFMCC Project Manager Report: PPT, PDFZisman
11:25–11:50Design & simulations overview: PPT, PDFAlexahin
11:50–12:15Low Energy NF design: PPT, PDFNeuffer
13:15–13:40MC scenario update: PDFPalmer
13:40–14:05Guggenheim simulations: PDFSnopok
14:05–14:45Acceleration studies overview and Linac/RLA design: PDFBerg
14:45–15:10Rapid cycling acceleration: PDFSummers
15:10–15:35Ring studies: PDFGianfelice
15:35–15:50Coffee break
15:50–16:15Target simulations: PPT, PDFSamulyak
16:15–16:40MERIT results: PPT, PDFMcDonald
16:40–17:00Muons Inc report: PPT, PDFCummings
17:00–18:30Discussion/Executive session
Tuesday, April 7
08:30–08:55MUCOOL and MTA Overview: PDFTorun
08:55–09:20Vac. RF studies: PPT, PDFHuang
09:20–09:45HPRF studies: PDFYonehara
09:45–10:10HCC Magnet studies: PPT, PDFKashikhin
10:10–10:35Coffee break
10:35–11:05HTS Studies (Muons & National Collab.): PPTX, PDFTollestrup
11:05–11:30MICE Status: PPT, PDFLong
11:30–11:55U.S. MICE status: PDFKaplan
11:55–12:20MICE solenoid report: PPT, PDFZisman
13:20–13:455 year plan: Goals and Resources: PPT, PDFGeer
13:45–14:10IDS/NF contributions: PPT, PDFBross
14:10–14:355 year plan: Physics & detector: PDFDemarteau
14:35–15:005 year plan: Design and simulations: PDFFernow
15:00–15:255 year plan: Experiments and Tests: PPT, PDFJansson
15:25–15:40Coffee break
15:40–16:055 year plan: RF: PPT, PDFLi
16:05–16:305 year plan: Magnets: PPT, PDFKashikhin
16:30–16:55Non-U.S. studies: PDFBlondel
16:55–17:10Final remarks from the MCCC: PPT, PDFKirk
17:10–18:30Executive session
Wednesday, April 8
08:30–12:00Executive session
12:00–13:00Closeout: PPT, PDF