Targetry Workshop


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Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration
E951 Targetry R&D Meeting, Friday, Dec. 15
Feasibility Study II Meeting, Saturday, Dec. 16
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Tandem Library, Bld 901A

Organizers: H. Kirk, K. McDonald (E951 meeting), J. Gallardo, M. Zisman (Study II Meeting)

General Contact: Kathleen Tuohy, 631-344-3845, tuohy@bnl.gov


NOTE: all talk times include 5 min for discussion. Aim presentation for 5 minutes less than the time indicated.

Links are to electronic copies of talks.

E951 Targetry R&D, Friday, Dec. 15
08:30-09:00 K. McDonald (Princeton)Overview
A3 beamline
09:00-09:20K. Brown (BNL)Beam optics
09:20-09:40K. Brown (BNL)Beam Instrumentation
09:40-10:00R. Prigl (BNL)Beam shielding design
10:20-10:40N. Simos (BNL)Beam windows
10:40-11:00J. Scaduto (BNL)Status of construction
A3 Target Tests
11:00-11:20K. McDonald (Princeton)Target test program
11:20-11:40C. Finfrock (BNL)Mercury jets, horizontal & vertical
11:40-12:00H. Wang (BNL)High speed camera system
13:00-13:20J. Haines (ORNL)Carbon, room temp, strain sensor
13:20-13:40G. Greene (BNL)Carbon, high temp
13:40-14:00J. Norem (ANL)Schlieren photography
14:00-14:20A. Zeller (MSU)Neutron studies
A3 Safety Committee Issues
14:20-14:50H. Kirk (BNL)Safety committee issues
NHMFL Mercury Test
15:10-15:30K. McDonald (Princeton)Goals
15:30-15:50J. Miller (NHMFL)20 cm bore, 20-T hybrid magnet facility
20-T Pulsed Magnet Design
15:50-16:10B. Weggel (BNL)System requirements
16:10-16:30P. Hwang (Everson Electric)System design
16:30-16:50Steve Van Sciver (NHMFL)System design
16:50-17:10H. Kirk (BNL)Action Items

Feasibility Study II, Saturday, Dec. 16
Phase Rotation
08:30-08:55 L. Reginato (LBNL)Induction linac: baseline design
08:55-09:20Y. Fukui (UCLA)Option C modifications
Target Station and Decay Channel
09:20-09:45P. Spampinato (ORNL)Decay channel systems issues
09:45-10:10N. Mokhov (FNAL)Prompt & residual radiation environment
10:10-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-10:55H. Ravn (CERN)Targetry R&D at CERN (129 MB!!! Think hard before downloading.)
10:55-11:20J. Haines (ORNL)Mercury target issues
11:20-11:45J. Cline (ANL)Radiation chemistry of cooling water
Liquid Metal Jet - Magnet Interaction
13:00-13:25K. McDonald (Princeton)Review of analytic studies
13:25-13:50S. Kahn (BNL)Analytic studies (PDF, PostScript)
13:50-14:15R. Samulyak (BNL)Numerical studies with the Frontier code
20 T Solenoid (hollow conductor option)
14:15-14:45J. Miller (FSU)Issues and Criteria
14:45-15:10B. Weggel (BNL)Design Concept
15:10-15:30Coffee Break
Beam Simulation Issues
15:30-15:55I. Stumer (BNL)GEANT studies (PDF, PostScript)
15:55-16:20Y. Torun (BNL)Comparison with E910

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