ISS Machine WG 23–23 January 2006

If different from author, speaker name is indicated in parentheses.

Monday 23 January
International Scoping Study Accelerator Working Group: Status and PlansZisman
SPL-based Proton Driver for ν Facilities at CERN: PPTGaroby
J-PARC Ring as a Neutrino Factory Proton Driver: PPT, PDFTomizawa
Bunched Beam Phase Rotation using Gas-Filled Cavities: PPT, PDFNeuffer
Non-Scaling FFAG IssuesMachida
Status of Scaling FFAG SystemBerg
'Dogbone' RLA Lattice Optimization Including Errors: PPT, PDFBogacz
Optimization of Cooling vs. Acceleration AcceptancePalmer
Bunched Beam Phase Rotation OptimizationPalmer
Tuesday 24 January
Considerations on Proton Driver Parameters for a Neutrino Factory: PPT, PDFWeng
20–50 GeV Muon Storage Rings: PPTJohnstone
Update on MuCool R&D: PPTBross
The MERIT Targetry Experiment at CERNMcDonald
Updates on MICEYoshida
PRISM Status ReportSato
Considerations on Target (and Beam Dump), Capture, and DecayMcDonald
Wednesday 25 January
ISS Accelerator Working Group Summary and Future Plans: PPT, PDFFernow
FFAG Accelerators: Experimental Results: PPT, WMVAiba
FFAG Accelerators: Experimental ResultsMori
4 MW Targets for Neutrino FactorySimos
Thursday 26 January
"Shielding" Demonstration in a Simplified RFOFO Cell: PPT, PDFKlier
Rep Rate: PPTRees
Friday 27 January
Solid Target ConsiderationsPalmer
Horn developmentOsswald