ISS Machine WG 22-24 Sep 2005

Thursday 22 September
14:00Choice of Optimum Proton Energy: PPT, PDFBrooks
14:30Update on HARP ResultsGrossheim
14:50High-Gradient RF Issues and 88 MHz Test Results:PPT, PDFVretenar
16:00Superbeam Requirements and IssuesCampagne
16:25Proton Driver: Status, Issues, and PlansMori
16:55Target: Status, Issues, and PlansLettry
17:25nTOF11 Status and PlansKirk
17:45MICE Status and Plans: PPT, PDFSandström
18:05Study II Costing and Proposed Costing ApproachPalmer
Thursday 23 September
14:00Cooling System ComparisonsPalmer
14:25Cooling: Issues and PlansFernow
14:45Acceleration System ComparisonsMachida
15:10Acceleration: Issues and PlansBerg
16:00Storage Ring: Status, Issues, and Plans: PPT, PDFRees
16:30Machine Working Group Summary Talk (Dry Run): PPT, PDFPrior
17:15Discussion of Summary Talk contentAll
17:45General discussion on activities for Phase 1 and beyondAll