2008 Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration Meeting

Preliminary Agenda

March 17, AM Session 1: Intro (Curia II; Chair: A. Bross)
09:00Logistics: PPT, PDFA. Bross
09:05Welcome, Project X, Neutrino Factory, and Muon Collider: PPT, PDFS. Holmes
09:35Intro: NFMCC: PPT, PDFA. Bross
10:05Intro: MCTF: PPT, PDFV. Shiltsev
10:30Coffee Break
March 17, AM Session 2: Physics and Detectors (Curia II; Chair: S. Geer)
11:00IDS Overview (Physics, Detectors, and Facility): PPT, PDFK. Long
11:40Concepts Beyond the Neutrino Factory Baseline: PPT, PDFA. Bross
12:00Muon Collider Physics: PDFE. Eichten
March 17, PM Session 1: Physics and Detectors, MUCOOL (Curia II; Chair: D. Li)
13:30Muon Collider Detectors: Backgrounds, Detector Issues, and Synergy with ILC/CLIC: PDFM. Demarteau
14:00MuCool Overview: PPT, PDFA. Bross
14:20805 MHz RF Program: PPT, PDFD. Huang
14:50201 MHz RF Program: PPT, PDFA. Moretti
15:20Coffee Break
March 17, PM Session 2: MUCOOL (1 West; Chair: D. Huang)
16:00RF Theory; New Ideas in SCRF: PDFJ. Norem
16:50LiH Absorber Program: PPT, PDFC. M. Lei
17:10Status of MICE Production 201 MHz Cavities: PPT, PDFD. Li
March 18, AM Session 1: Target/MERIT (Curia II; Chair: K. McDonald)
09:00Targetry Program Overview: PDFK. McDonald
09:20Targetry Simulations: PPT, PDFR. Samulyak
09:40MERIT Status: PPT, PDFH. Kirk
10:00Optical Diagnostics Results: PPT, PDFH. Park
10:15MERIT Simulations: PPT, PDFS. Striganov
10:30Coffee Break
March 18, AM Session 2: MICE (Curia II; Chair: D. Kaplan)
11:00MICE Overview: PPT, PDFK. Long
11:20Beamline Status: PPT, PDFT. Roberts
11:40Solenoid & CC Status: PPT, PDFM. Zisman
12:00Tracker/Magnet Measurement/DAQ Status: PPT, PDFT. Hart
12:30PID Detector Status: PPT, PDFD. Summers
March 18, PM Session 1: Planning (Curia II; Chair: A. Bross)
14:00NFMCC Project Manager's Report: PPT, PDFM. Zisman
14:30The Next Big Facility—NF/MC?: PDFV. Shiltsev
15:30Coffee Break
March 18, PM Session 2: Technical Board (1 East)
16:00Technical Board Meeting
19:00Banquet at Chez Leon
March 19, AM Session 1: Acceleration (Curia II; Chair: J. S. Berg)
09:00EMMA Overview and Status: PDFJ. S. Berg
09:25Progress on Linacs and RLAs for the IDS Baseline: PPT, PDFA. Bogacz
09:50Linear Non-Scaling FFAG for the IDS: PDFJ. S. Berg
10:10Fast Ramping Acceleration for a Muon Collider: PDFD. Summers
10:30Coffee Break
March 19, AM Session 2: Cooling Simulations (Curia II; Chair: R. Fernow)
11:00Front End Cooling: PPT, PDFD. Neuffer
11:15Guggenheim Simulations: PDFP. Snopok
11:30Cooling in Open-Cavity Lattices: PDFR. Palmer
11:45Helical Cooling Channel with RF: PPT, PDFS. Kahn
12:00Update on PIC: PPT, PDFD. Newsham
March 19, PM Session 1: Planning (Curia II; Chair: V. Shiltsev)
 Open Cavity RF Experiment: PDFR. Palmer
13:30Next Phase of Targetry R&D: PDFK. McDonald
14:25New Test Vehicle(s) for NCRF R&DB. Rimmer
15:30Coffee Break
March 19, PM Session 2: Executive Board (1 East)
16:00Executive Board Meeting
March 20, AM Session 1: Collider (Curia II; Chair: A. Jansson)
09:00Collider Ring—Nonlinear Compensations: PPT, PDFA. Bogacz
09:20Studies of DA and High Order Corrections Schemes for a 1 cm β*, 1.5 TeV Muon Collider: PDFP. Snopok
09:40"Dipole First" Muon Collider Design Option: PDFE. Gianfelice-Wendt
10:00R&D Needs and Priorities: PDF, JPG(1), JPG(2)R. Palmer
10:30Coffee Break
March 20, AM Session 2: Collider (Curia II; Chair: G. Hanson)
11:00Low Emittance Muon Collider Options: PDFR. Johnson
11:30MCTF Muon Collider Scenario Update: PPT, PDFY. Alexahin
March 20, PM Session 1: Long-Range Plan (Curia II; Chair: M. Zisman)
13:30What R&D must we do, and when?: PDFR. Palmer
15:00Coffee Break
March 20, PM Session 2: Wrap-Up (Curia II; Chair: H. Kirk)
15:30MCCC Impressions: PDFS. Geer
15:50Discussion of Future DirectionsS. Geer/H. Kirk
16:30Concluding Remarks: PPT, PDFH. Kirk
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