ISS Machine Working Group Meeting

Princeton University, NJ

July 26-28, 2006

The University visitor's page is
The physics department is in Jadwin Hall (not Jadwin Gym)

There is now a registration page. Please register if you are coming, so we can get a head count. There is no registration fee.

There is now a preliminary agenda.

The talks are now available.

The preferred airport is Newark Liberty Airport (EWR).   There is excellent train service to the Princeton area from EWR. Philadelphia (PHL) is also close to campus but you would need to rent a car (see below for parking information).  New York JFK may, however, be favored for international travelers.
If you take the train from EWR, first board the AirTrain and take it to the Amtrak/NJ T train station.  Buy a ticket (vending machine; credit card) from Newark Liberty Airport to either Princeton Junction (if you are not staying in the Nassau Inn) or to Princeton (if you are staying in the Nassau Inn, or you want to go directly to the physics building).  There is a transfer at Princeton Junction to the "dinky" to travel the last 2 miles onto campus).
Driving EWR -> Princeton:  Exit the airport (via a labyrinth barely marked roads) to Rte 1 South/Elizabeth.  But quickly follow the exit to the New Jersey Turnpike.  Pick up a ticket at the toll booth and get onto the Turnpike going South (either the car or truck lanes are OK).  You are getting on at exit 13A.  Get off at exit 9 => about 20-25 miles.  Pay the toll and stay to the right onto 18 towards New Brunswick/Trenton.  Quickly merge to the left before the fork, but then get into the far right lane to exit onto Rt 1 South towards Trenton.  Once on Rte 1, it's a straight shot of about 15 miles to the Princeton area.
Driving PHL -> Princeton.   Exit the airport onto I-95 North towards Philadelphia.  Stay on I-95 thru the center of Philly and on into New Jersey, some 40 miles.  Do not get caught in the left exit into Philly center near the Ben Franklin bridge., But do take the left fork = I-95 some 15 miles past Philly center.  Cross a bridge over the Delaware into New Jersey (close to the so-called Washington Crossing) and circle Trenton on I-95 until you can exit to Rte 1 North.  Then it's about 5 miles on Rte 1 to Princeton, and 3 more miles to the Rte 1 hotels.
If you fly into New York JFK, you can rent a car, or take a train.  For the latter, first board the AirTrain to Jamaica Station (NOT to Howard Beach).  At Jamaica station you can either take the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) or the subway to New York Penn Station.  The LIRR is much quicker and a few dollars more.  At the Penn Station, you must find the NJ transit trains and buy a ticket (vending machine/credit card, or long line) to either Princeton Junction or Princeton as discussed above.   If you still have a sense of direction while inside Penn Station, the LIRR trains arrive in the northeast corner, and the NJT trains leaves from the southwest corner => make your way diagonally across the station.
Driving JFK -> Princeton.   Exit the airport towards New York City (not eastern Long Island), but exit onto the Belt Parkway WEST just beyond the boundary of the (large) airport.  Take the Belt about 15 miles (thru the Coney Island area) and exit onto the Verrazano Bridge (toll).  This takes you to Staten Island, still part of New York City.  Cross Staten Island on I-278 and go into New Jersey via either of 2 options:
A.  Goethals Bridge (maybe closed for repairs), and immediately after this onto the New Jersey Turnpike south (getting on at exit 13).  Continue to Princeton as per driving from EWR.
B.  Outerbridge Crossing (might also be closed for repairs -- but one of Goethals and Outerbridge is always open).  For this, get onto 440 South and go 5-6 miles down Staten Island.  Cross the bridge into New Jersey and stay on 440/I-287 about 6 miles and exit onto Rte 1 South to Trenton (first go past exits from I-287 onto the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike).   It's about 20 mi. on Rte 1 to the Princeton area.
The following are options for local hotels. There is only one hotel within walking distance.   
The Nassau Inn  --  within walking distance to Princeton University/ restaurant on site .
Telephone # 609-921-7500 Rates are $133. 00 per night.   Parking is $14 per night.   This rate can only be obtained if the booking is done by the Princeton Secretariat, whom you should contact for that purpose.
Staybridge Suites  --  shuttle  service  available/ nonsite restaurant .    
Telephone# 1-800-238-8000.   
All suites  The one bedroom rate is $109.00 per night.  
 *This hotel also offers two bedroom/two bath suites at $139.00 per night. * 
Courtyard Princeton by Marriott --   shuttle  service available/ restaurant within walking distance .
 Telephone # 609-716-9100. The room rate is $99.00 per night.   
 Holiday Inn  --  shuttle service/ restaurant on site .
 Telephone# 609-520-1200. The room rate is $104.00 per night (includes hot breakfast buffet).

Please be sure to mention that you are visiting Princeton University when making your reservation at the above hotels in order to ensure you receive the University rate

When you have finalized your itinerary please let me know so that I can provide you with additional information (if needed) on getting to the Princeton campus.

Kim, Elaine
Elaine Bridges  bridges@Princeton.EDU
Kim Dawidowski  kdawidow@Princeton.EDU
Department of  Physics
Princeton University
P.O. Box 708
Princeton, NJ.  08542

If you are renting a car

We've put some maps and photos in the directory
shows the location of the visitor parking on the bricks.
shows a satellite photo of the same.

If you are in one of the Route1 hotels you can't walk to Jadwin.  Many of the hotels have shuttle service, but if you drive a car, you need to park on the bricks indicated on the above maps.
shows a possible route on foot from Nassau Inn to Jadwin Hall thru the center of campus (red), or around the edge of campus (pink).

I also show the "Dinky" train station (officially Princeton on the New Jersey Transit system), and a possible path thru campus to the Nassau Inn. Maybe take a taxi if you have luggage: ~ $6-10 for the 1/2 mile ride...

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