ISS Machine WG 26–28 July 2006

Solenoid Focus of Pions for Superbeams: PPT, PDFH. Kirk
Solenoid vs. Horn Focus for NeutrinosR. Palmer
Comparison of Solenoid and Horn Focusing Systems: PPT, PDFS. Kahn
Collection System for Future Neutrino Beams: Horn and Target Integration: PPT, PDFM. Dracos
Acceleration StatusJ. S. Berg
Time of Flight Dependence on Transverse Amplitude for Non-Scaling FFAG LatticesJ. S. Berg
Error Study of Non-Scaling FFAG 10 to 20 GeV Muon Ring: PPT, PDFS. Machida
Muon Acceleration by Scaling FFAG with Harmonic Number JumpY. Mori
Acceleration of Muon-Beam with Harmonic-Number Jump: PPT, PDFT. Uesugi
Front End
Front End US Scheme: Study 2A Dependence on the Proton Bunch LengthJ. Gallardo
Dependence of Transmission on Proton Bunch length: Theory and Simplified SimulationJ. S. Berg
Status of Scaling FFAG Phase Rotation, ICOOL Simulations: PPT, PDFA. Kurup
Low-Frequency Phase Rotation: PPT, PDFS. Brooks
Optimization of Phase Rotation Parameters for the ν-vactory: PPT, PDFM. Apollonio
Helicity in Study 2 Front EndR. Fernow
Decay Ring
Neutrino Factory, μ+- Decay Rings: PPT, PDFG. Rees
Proton Driver
3 GeV, 1.2 MW, Booster for Proton Driver: PPT, PDFG. Rees
Downstream Systems and the Proton DriverJ. S. Berg
SPL Beam Characteristics—Jan 2006: PPT, PDFC. Prior
Overall Plans
Workshop PlansM. Zisman
R&D PlansM. Zisman