ISS Machine WG 13–17 December 2005

Tuesday 13 December
Workshop Tasks and PlansZisman
Shinji Machida simulations of e and 10–20 GeV FFAG'sPalmer
Status of Scaling FFAG SystemBerg
20–50 GeV Muon Storage Ring: PPTJohnstone
Wednesday 14 December
Beam-target survey of US Study 2a and CERN neutrino factory front-endsFernow
Thursday 15 December
Pion Production with MARS14: PPT, PDFKirk
The "Guggenheim RFOFO Ring"Klier
ν-Factory Front End Phase Rotation Simulations: PPT, PDFNeuffer
Friday 16 December
Saturday 17 December
'Dogbone' RLA LatticeBogacz
Bunched Beam Phase Rotation OptimizationPalmer
Developments in the ray-tracing code Zgoubi for 6-D multiturn tracking in FFAG ringsLemuet