Feasibility Study II Editors Meeting


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Feasibility Study II Editors Meeting
Monday - Wednesday, Jan. 29 - 31, 2001
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Berkner Hall, Room B

Organizers: S. Ozaki, R. Palmer, M. Zisman, J. Gallardo

General Contact: Kathleen Tuohy, 631-344-3845, tuohy@bnl.gov


NOTE: all talk times include 5 min for discussion. Aim presentation for 5 minutes less than the time indicated.

Links are to electronic copies of talks (not implemented yet).

Study II Editors Meeting, Monday, Jan. 29
08:00-09:00Check in and Continental Breakfast
09:00-09:05 J. Marburger (BNL)Welcome
Introductory Session
09:05-09:35M. Zisman (LBNL)Introduction to the Meeting ("policy" matters) (pdf)
09:35-09:50J. Gallardo (BNL)Logistics (deadlines and report preparation) (ps) also (pdf)
09:50-10:40R. Palmer (BNL) Parameters summary and predicted performance
10:40-10:55Coffee Break
10:55-11:15J. S. Berg (BNL) Layout on BNL site
11:15-11:35S. Ozaki (BNL) ES&H Site specific issues
11:35-11:55R. Fernow (BNL) Simulation tools-ICOOL
11:55-12:15P. Lebrun (FNAL) Simulation tools-GEANT4
12:15-12:30  Discussion
Acceleration Session
13:30-14:00V. Lebedev (JLAB) Acceleration parameters and overview (incl. tolerances)
14:00-14:25H. Padamsee (Cornell)SCRF implementation
14:25-14:45V. Lebedev (JLAB)Magnet implementation
14:45-14:55J. Norem (ANL) Diagnostics implementation
14:55-15:05H. Hseuh (BNL)Vacuum implementation
15:05-15:20  Discussion
15:20-15:35Coffee Break
Storage Ring Session
15:35-16:15B. Parker (BNL) Storage ring parameters and implementation
16:15-16:30C. Johnstone (FNAL)Tracking and tolerance studies
16:30-16:40J. Schmalzle (BNL)Magnet implementation
16:40-16:50J. Norem (ANL)Diagnostics implementation
16:50-17:00H. Hseuh (BNL)Vacuum implementation
17:00-17:15N. Mokhov (FNAL) Shielding requirements
17:15-17:30  Discussion
17:30-18:00DAILY WRAPUP

Study II Editors Meeting (cont.), Tuesday, Jan. 30
08:00-09:00Continental Breakfast
Bunching and Cooling Session
09:00-09:25 P. Lebrun (FNAL) Bunching and cooling overview and performance (incl. tolerances)
09:25-09:50R. Rimmer (LBNL)RF cavity implementation
09:50-10:10D. Kaplan (IIT)Absorber design and performance
10:10-10:35M. Green (LBNL)Solenoid and cryostat implementation
10:35-10:50Coffee Break
10:50-11:00A. Moretti (FNAL) RF power distribution
11:00-11:10J. Norem (ANL)Diagnostics implementation
11:10-11:20H. Hseuh (BNL)Vacuum implementation
11:20-11:45E. Black (IIT) Mechanical integration (incl. complete parts count)
11:45-12:00  Discussion
Capture and Phase Rotation Session
13:00-13:30H. Kirk (BNL)Capture and phase rotation parameters and overview
13:30-13:50D. Kaplan (IIT)Minicool absorber design and performance
13:50-14:15L. Reginato (LBNL) Induction linac implementation
14:15-14:40M. Green (LBNL)Solenoid channel implementation (incl. induction linacs)
14:40-14:55  Discussion
14:55-15:10Coffee Break
Proton Driver Session
15:10-15:45T. Roser (BNL)Proton driver overview and parameters (1 MW)
15:45-16:00A. Ruggiero (BNL) Superconducting linac
16:00-16:10S.Y. Zhang (BNL)Instabilities and collective effects (bunch length)
16:10-16:25M. Brennan (BNL)RF system requirements and design
16:25-16:35I. Marneris (BNL)AGS power supply design
16:35-16:55D. Trbojevic (BNL) Compressor ring
16:55-17:10  Discussion
17:10-17:40DAILY WRAPUP
19:00DINNER Room A, Berkner Hall

Study II Editors Meeting (cont.), Wednesday, Jan. 31
08:00-09:00Continental Breakfast
Targetry Session
0.9:00-09:25K. McDonald (Princeton)Target overview and parameters
09:25-09:45H. Ravn (CERN)Mercury jet implementation
09:45-10:05N. Mokhov (FNAL)Predicted yields, radiation, and heat loads
10:05-10:20S. Kahn (BNL)Simulation of magnetic field effects
10:20-10:35R. Samulyak (BNL) Simulation of beam heating effects
10:35-10:50Coffee Break
10:50-11:05R. Weggel (BNL)Magnet implementation with hollow conductor inser
11:05-11:20K. Tanaka (KEK)Radiation resistant mineral insulated conductor
11:20-11:30J. Norem (ANL)Target instrumentation
11:30-11:55P. Spampinato (ORNL)Enclosure and system design
11:55-12:10  Discussion
Physics and Detector Session
13:10-13:40E. O'Brien (BNL) Detector implementation (WIPP site)
13:40-14:35R. Shrock (SUNY-SB)Physics goals and reach (incl. comparison with conventional source)
14:35-14:50  Discussion
14:50-15:05Coffee Break
Alternative Approaches Session
15:05-15:20T. Roser (BNL)Proton driver upgrade (4 MW)
15:20-15:35P. Spampinato (ORNL) Carbon target implementation
15:35-15:55Y. Fukui (UCLA)Entry level phase rotation scenario
15:55-16:15D. Elvira (FNAL)Double-flip cooling channel
16:15-16:30J. S. Berg (BNL) Dog-bone acceleration lattice
16:30-16:50E. O'Brien (BNL) Detector implementation (Soudan site)
16:50-17:05  Discussion
17:05-17:35 OVERALL WRAPUP (M. Zisman)
Meeting Adjourn

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J. Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov>
26 January, 2001.