Hello Everyone:
    We are quickly approaching October 2nd & 3rd Feasibility Study. I have only received (5) responses. If you plan on attending the meeting, please reply back to me ASAP so we can plan the final details. Due to the low number of responses we were unable to reserve a block of hotel rooms. I have contacted two local hotels which have rooms available, The Hotel Durant and Hotel Shattuck. We are recommending the Hotel Shattuck where you will be able to take the LBNL shuttle bus up to the lab.
    If you are planning on renting a car and parking at the lab, we must advise you that parking is very limited and it is recommend to carpool or take the shuttle bus up to the lab.
    Below I will include some helpful links of directions to the lab, hotels, and shuttle bus information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either via email or phone (510) 486-7022   fax (510) 486-6485.

Hope to hear from ALL of you soon,
    Elijah Walker III
                                                                                 Directions to LBNL
                                                                                 On/Off Site Shuttle Bus
                                                                                 Hotel Shattuck
                                                                                 Hotel Durant