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Discussion of Simulation Plans (Palmer)

Since Mike has put my, as well as Rick's, name on the agenda for "simulation topics", I thought I might share my proposal.

I would suggest an initial effort to compare capture and phase rotation performances for the different schemes. I would recommend that all are finally done with ICOOL, but optimizations could be done first with other codes.

  1. 5 MHz (1 MeV/m) using a 20 T solenoid,
  2. 44 (2 MeV/m) into 88 (4 MeV/m) MHz using a horn,
  3. 44 into 88 MHz using a 20 T solenoid,
  4. Study 2a,
  5. Study 2 (perhaps)

In each case one would use the same Stephen Brooks file, and judge their merits by looking at transmission into 30/60 and 120 pi mm transverse emittances, and a longitudinal criterion that corresponds to "being in the buckets". The three transverse acceptances will allow evaluation of performance with strong, medium or no cooling.

Costs for these are not going to be a big issue, except for the Study 2 and, to a lesser extent, in the Study 2a cases. But these we sort of know. So we ought to be able to come to some conclusions here.

At a later phase one could add cooling to the simulations, but that is a larger task that depends on details of the cooling systems that we do not really know.