Charge to The Theory and Simulation Board

The committee will meet periodically to review simulation and theory progress, set priorities, and make plans to further this work. Minutes should be kept to document the main conclusions from the discussion

The committee will include the leaders of the simulation sub-groups covering:

These subgroup leaders plus a few other members will be chosen by the chairman of the committee in consultation with the MC Spokesperson(s).

The committee should:

  1. Assure that each Sub-group holds workshops with the appropriate frequency.
  2. Co-ordinate proposals to use collaboration funds for post docs and visitors doing simulation work. The committee chairperson will present these proposals to the Technical Board at the appropriate time each year.
  3. Advertise, interview and select Post-Docs and visitors for any open positions approved by the MC Spokesperson(s), and make a recommendation of where best they should be based and the topic(s) they should work on.
  4. Maintain a list of all people within the MC contributing to simulation and theory activities, and identify which areas they are contributing to.
  5. Consider any other activities that might further simulation and theory work.

December 10, 2002.