[MAP] G4beamline release 2.16 is now available on Hopper

Tom Roberts tjrob at muonsinc.com
Tue Jan 14 12:58:41 EST 2014

With assistance from the NERSC consultants, the compiler issue at NERSC has been 
resolved without any changes to the G4beamline source. G4beamline 2.16 is now 
available on Hopper; it passes all regression tests on a worker node, including 
MPI. To use it (bash):
    source /project/projectdirs/map/bin/g4bl_latest.sh
    ... use g4blmpi as usual
There are also setup scripts for specific versions of G4beamline; older versions 
remain usable by simply source-ing the appropriate script.

NOTE: these setup scripts work only for bash. If you want to use some other 
shell, you'll have to re-implement the scripts for it (the scripts in G4beamline 
itself are OK, just the MAP setup scripts need to be re-implemented). Possibly 
you could run bash, source the script, and then run your shell; I haven't tried 

I'm working on Edison now, and will send out another email when it is ready....

This new release has many new features including boolean operations among solids 
and tessellated solids; it also has a new 'detector' command that outputs the 
energy deposited in the detector into the NTuple.

You can download it from:


There are still compiler issues at NERSC that prevent it from running on either 
Hopper or Edison. I am working on them. I do not expect these to require changes 
to G4beamline itself, just to the scripts that set it up at NERSC -- three weeks 
ago it built and ran fine on both supercomputers.

It has not yet been installed on FermiGrid.

Tom Roberts

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