Targetry FY04 Budget and Plans

 We would like to keep some support for targetry simulation, 
and for liquid and solid target studies at BNL and Princeton.

The FY03 funding is barely adequate to keep these activities going:
  • BNL: target simulations $50k
  • BNL: target R&D: $25k (this is really marginal)
  • Princeton: target R&D: $50k (about the minimum for staying with the project)
  • As for the Pulsed Solenoid Project, we assume the following project costing:

             Fabrication:   318 K  + 107 K  (2coils + 1coil)
             Monitoring      55 K
             Testing         60 K
       Cryo (LN2 + HX)      556 K
       PS  (Battery)        288 K  + 173 K (Battery array  + switching/charging/bussing)
    Total Project cost:    1557 K
    Budget profile:
            FY02-Carryover  185 K
            Fy03            200 K
            Fy04            190 K
            Fy05            340 K
            Fy06            340 K
            Fy07            340 K
          Total            1595 K
    Cash Flow profile:
                          Item             Accumulated    Accumulated 
                                              Costs         Funds
            Fy03        Magnet Fab.  318
                        Mag. Mon.     55
                        Batt. Devel.  10                   
                                               382          385
            Fy04        Magnet Fab.  107
                        Magnet Test.  60
                        Batt. Devel.  20          
                                               569          575
            Fy05        PS/Cryo                910          915
            Fy06        PS/Cryo               1250         1255  
            Fy07        PS/Cryo               1595         1595
    The bottom line is that providing 190K in FY04 for the magnet project will allow for the purchase and testing of the magnet by the end of fy04 but little else. Power supply and Cryosystem construction will have to be delayed until FY05. The completion of the project by the end of fy07 will require project funding on the level of ~350k/year.

    Juan C. Gallardo
    Last modified: Fri May 9 10:29:54 EDT 2003