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Minutes of TB phone meeting, December 3, 2010

Attending: S. Geer, M. Zisman, R. Fernow, D. Hartill, A. Bross, K. McDonald, D. Kaplan, J. Tompkins, D. Li, A. Blondel, G. Prior, J. Gallardo.

  1. M. Zisman: Presented general ideas regarding review process of external requests to MAP (pdf)
  2. A. Blondel: presentation
  3. MAP Technical Board executive session Highlights:
    I would be great to be able to test a cavity as soon as possible. Question: would it be possible to make the test at CERN significantly earlier than at the MTA?
    Collaboration with CERN is very important. Question: could this be interpreted by DoE as a widening of MAP scope?
    Question: Timing is the main concern, that is, will the test be done at CERN well ahead of that at the MTA?
    Question: Is it necessary to test all the cavities or just a few? Do we need to test all the cavities at nitrogen temperature or only one?
    The main trust of the proposal is to help MICE; however, the testing of each cavity in a uniform field may not give the correct assessment of the issues needed to be assessed for MICE's lattice ( non uniform magnetic fields)
Action Item:
Derun Li and A. Bross will prepare a detailed test procedure for rf cavities conditioning for both likely scenarios, MTA and CERN (as described in the proposal) and submit it for discussion to the MICE Technical Board.
Friday December 3, 11:30PM (EST)
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Juan C. Gallardo <gallardo@bnl.gov>
December 3, 2010