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Minutes of EB phone meeting, May 2, 2003

Atending: R. Palmer, A. Sessler, J. Wurtele, S. Geer, M. Zisman, K. McDonald, D. Kaplan, D. Summers, M. Tigner, B. Weng, G. Hanson, J. Gallardo.

  1. D. Kaplan reports on the visit to NSF: NSF is open to the possibility of a new program on "Accelerator Physics R&D"
  2. NSF has requested a "white paper" on Accelerator Physics R&D; The paper has been written and submitted to NSF. M. Tigner mailed it to us. white paper
  3. Discussion about the possible Lead Institution for the non-Cornell MC proposal to NSF; no decision
  4. There will be a visit from the MC to NSF; University representatives and both MC Spokespersons.
Privacy and Security Notice

Juan C. Gallardo <gallardo@bnl.gov>
May 5, 2003