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Minutes of EB phone meeting, Jan. 27, 2003

  • Attending: R. Palmer, A. Sessler, J. Wurtele, S. Geer, D. Cline, M. Zisman, A. Tollestrup, K. McDonald, D. Errede, D. Kaplan, J. Gallardo.
    1. New Charter (Alvin): NSF is not mentioned in the Charter. M. Zisman will send to Alvin some style changes. The Charter is approved. 
    2. EB Membership (Bob) B. Weng will be inveted to be the new BNL representative to the EB (Jan. 29, Bill has accepted), I am going to continue as the Secretary of the Board. G. Hanson is accepted as a new member of the EB; (Jan. 28, G. Hanson has accepted). Discussion as what are the criteria to incorporate new members to the EB: agreement that new members may be needed to represent other Institutions ( e.g.,  Argonne, MSU, RAL...). Bob and Steve want suggestions of Institutions and names of potential new members of the EB.
    3. New Spokesperson for MUCOOL (Steve) Alan Bross is named; no objections. Membership of the TB will be examined by the spokespersons.
    4. White Paper (Bob). The draft was sent to 12 people, not all known ( B. Palmer, M. Tigner, D. Sutter); Bob sent possible corrections and omissions, the same Alvin and Steve. Assessment : the document is good, accelerators are widely used ; Alvin said  " its is somehow myopic in scope; one senses as if there are no problems in the field". We do not know the audience of the document. Bob is to ask B. Siemann if there will be a second draft.
    5. HEPAP Document:( Steve) Gilman ask input for a HEPAP document " New or Upgraded facilities at the forefront of discoveries: criteria of importance and readiness"  The request is for a 10 pages narrative for February 7. Send to Bob and/or Steve comments ( the draft is on the MC WEB site)
    6. MUTAC Review comments (Mike) He summarized the Closeout comments; mentioned the advice to contact R&D groups on moderators of Nuclear Facilities, vis-a-vis absorbers in the cooling channel.
    7. Visit to DoE (Mike) there is no date yet.
    8. Letters to DoE (Steve)  Steve report of a letter to J. O'Fallon from the Neutrino Community.
    9. MC Collaboration Meeting (Steve) One day after NUFACT03 ( June 11-12, 2003). Room is reserved. Bob and Steve will prepare the agenda.
    Privacy and Security Notice

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    January 29, 2003