Minutes EB + ET Meeting, Jan 15 and Jan 17, 2003

Minutes Combined EB + TB Meeting on Jan 15, 2003 at FNAL

  • This meeting was organized during the MUTAC Review; unfortunately not everyone was able to attend due to technical difficulties. In addition the meeting was cut short (lasting only 1/2 hour) because of changes in the MUTAC schedule.
  • Alvin submitted a new Charter for the MC collaboration: G. Hanson argued that each Institution in the Collaboration must have a representative in the EB. No action taken
  • D. Hartill requested that NSF be mentioned in the Charter. No action taken.
  • In view of shortage of time, it was decided to meet by phone on Friday, Jan 17.
  • Minutes Combined EB + TB Meeting (phone) Jan 17, 2003

  • Attending: S. Geer, D. Errede, B. Rimmer, M. Zisman, H. Kirk, K. McDonald, D. Kaplan, J. Wurtele, B. Palmer, D. Neuffer, R. Raja, J. Gallardo, A. Sessler, D. Hartill.
  • S. Geer: reported about the MUTAC Review Closeout: The Committee was impressed with the progress made, the morale after the budget cuts and the new ideas to reduce the cost. The highlights: Must do MUCOOL; encouragement to continue the work toward the International Cooling Experiment MICE. They encouraged contact with other R&D groups on energy deposition in absorbers. They noted that targetry simulation may have impact beyond our interest. Frictional cooling was considered interesting, and they hope it will be continued in Munich. MCOG was likewise impressed and will write to DoE requesting restitution of funds (FY01 level). D. Errede asks reasons why the Quad Ring did not appear in R. Raja's talk on Simulations.
  • R. Raja: report status of the paper submitted to Physical Review. Discussion about the changed of title as requested by one of the referees.
  • R. Raja: ( Theory and Simulation ) will organize periodic video conferences.
  • H. Kirk: announce a Targetry workshop "Target at MW class facility" during the week of Sep.6, 2003
  • S. Geer: NUFACT03 in on track; 1/3 of plenary speakers have accepted; Good participation is needed; NSF funding will be requested.
  • Two other meetings: short MC Collaboration meeting will be held after NUFACT03 ( 1 day)followed by a MICE meeting for another 2-3 days. Geer proposed the next full MC Collaboration Meeting be held in a place near FNAL ( due to travel budget problems at FNAL) sometime in October.

  • Juan C. Gallardo
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