The Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration


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Minutes EB phone meeting
Attendees: Bross, Kirk, Sessler,Kaplan, Cline, Weng, Hanson, Wurtele, Gallardo

There have been the following changes:
a) D. Errede is not at EB anymore.
b) Alan and Harold for being the new Co-spokespersons are in.
It is proposed to keep Steve Geer and B. Palmer in the EB; no objections. They
will remain in the EB.

There have been the following changes:
a) Steve and Bob are dropped from the EB
b) Of course Alan and Harold have been added
Alan: as new lines of R&D develop, they will eventually have to be incorporated
to the TB; example: the Muon Collider Task Force at Fermilab.

 no comments. APPROVED

The Web site is up and can be reach from the NFMCC Web page under table of 
Workshops and Conferences. There is a special session on Muon Colliders the
last day in coordination with the Fermilab "Muon Collider Task Force"
D. Cline suggest a few speakers for that session, Harold and Alan will contact
candidates; two speakers will be sought. Candidates: G. Kane, V. Barger,
J. Ellis, C. Hill.

Alan, include ISS report and International Design Study update; Ken Long is
coming to the meeting so he could be the speaker; session on Mice also.
David Cline: Invite P. Oddone to the session on Muon Collider to
give a presentation; it was agreed that it was a very good idea.

Next meeting is in Feb. 2007, the agenda is full; it was offered a 10 min slot; 
it was considered not enough time for a comprehensive presentation of the plans
of the NFMCC. Alan requested a slot for the "spring" meeting it may be at the
end of May or beginning of June. It was considered a good timing; we'll have
MUTAC report on hand, possibly news form the World Design Study, progress with
MICE and MERIT near to taking data.

Contact were made with MCOG and R. Kephart trying to pin down the date for the 
meeting at this point the most likely date is April 17-18-19 at BNL.
There are some issues: a number of members have either resigned or have reached
the term of their commitment; Question about BNL representative to MCOG,
officially S. Aronson still is the BNL representative.

We need to start thinking how to include in the next year budget new activities like
the World Design Study.