Minutes EB meeting January 29, 2007.

Attending: Bross, Kirk, Sessler, Cline, Geer, Hanson, Kaplan, McDonald, Palmer, Tollestrup, Weng, Wurtele, Zisman, Gallardo

1) MUTAC Meeting, at BNL April 18-19
    Project Manager will write the charge to the Committee and the Spokespersons will write the agenda, list of speakers and topics. Advise speakers to get at BNL earlier for a dry run.

2) Staffin briefing, March 19, 2007
   There will be 3 talks:
   Speakers will focus on NFMCC rather than in MCTF.
   S. Homes will be present at give a short presentation on MCTF at FNAL.

3) Muon Collider hardware Initiative
     B. Palmer remind the need to start thinking about the future hardware program, in particular, 50 T solenoid R&D.

4) NFMCC and the MCTF at FNAL (Item #4)
5) International Design Study (IDS)
   It was agreed that NFMCC will have an strong presence in the IDS.