Theory & Simulation Meeting

21 October 2002 at LBNL

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9:00D. NeufferUpdate on high frequency buncher and phase rotation
9:30H. KirkQuad cooling ring update
10:00Y. FukuiCooling with lithium lens in quad ring
10:30Coffee Break
11:00R. PalmerRFOFO ring update
11:30R. GodangRFOFO ring status in Geant
12:00V. BalbekovRFOFO-like cooling ring without tilted solenoids
13:30J.S. BergWedges with unequal face angles
14:00B. FawleyExperience with parallelizing simulation codes
14:15R. FernowHard-edge ICOOL model of Balbekov ring
14:30S. KahnRealistic fields for Balbekov ring
15:00Y. FukuiLongitudinal phase space lattice in a storage ring
15:15Coffee Break
15:45R. PalmerPulsed muon synchrotron simulations
Privacy and Security Notice

J. Scott Berg <>
12 November 2002.