Dear NuFact'00 Participant:

With the workshop approaching fast, it is time to inform you of the arrangements being put in place to publish the Proceedings of the NuFact'00 Workshop for archival purposes. We also want to update you on our plans to disseminate the information generated at the workshop day-to-day e.g. talks and discussions etc., on-line on the web as the workshop proceeds.  I hope that this preliminary information will help you prepare for the workshop most effectively.  Further information will be posted on the web in future as needed.

We are in the process of securing a contract with Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIMPR-A), published by Elsevier Science Publications of Holland, to publish the Proceedings of NuFact'00, as a Special Issue.  I will act as the Special Guest Editor of this issue and will draft a certain number of particle, accelerator and detector physicists from amongst you to act as the core team of referees to help me review the submitted manuscripts. I am hoping that the scientific and technical peer reviews by this committee will be a relatively short process.  I will also be relying on your efforts to make the papers as clean as possible from the point of view of English, grammar, composition, etc. so that we do not have to invest significantly into copy-editing.  I will leave that job to the NIMPR-A staff; and the less they have to work on it, the cheaper it is.

We will publish suitably prepared and reviewed manuscripts by all the invited plenary speakers on general topics, contributed papers on special topics and summaries of all the working groups, provided by the Working Group Leaders. The intention is to give the invited plenary speakers and Working Group Summaries more allowed pages, than the contributed papers. The division is loose but a ratio of 2:1 seems to be fair.  We are expecting a special issue of about 200-250 NIMPR-A pages, which is quite dense in information per page. We remain flexible about the length of the articles within reason.  We would allow up to 8 pages for the invited plenary talks and working group summaries and up to 5 pages for contributed talks.

Where we will have less flexibility is in the submission deadlines of the manuscripts for the proceedings and the vu-graphs for the talks.

The following are the criteria and deadlines set by the workshop organizing chairs:

1.  All contributors to the NuFact'00 proceedings are to submit their final manuscripts no later than two months after the last day of the workshop. The submission deadline: Monday, July 24, 2000.

2.  NIMPR-A will typeset all the submissions any way. That takes time. Our goal is to have the special issue out by sometime in Fall. I am relying on your vigilance in submitting your manuscripts respecting the deadline.

3.  The manuscripts can be prepared following the NIMPR-A guidelines. The submission, in addition to electronic, should include three hardcopies, and a diskette.

4. The manuscripts should be submitted by post to:

Swapan Chattopadhyay
Special Guest Editor, NuFact'00/NIMPR-A
Center for Beam Physics
Mail Stop 71-259
1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, California 94720

As well as electronically to J.T. Chew at:

5. Invited Plenary and Contributed Speakers are kindly requested to bring a complete set of transparencies of their talks, good scannable hard copies of the same, as well as manuscripts (if they are ready), that they will surrender to the workshop secretariat on site in Monterey upon their arrival. This will allow the workshop staff to put material on the web daily following the well-planned agenda of the workshop set forth by the chairs. The Working Group Leaders are kindly requested to prepare any hand-written materials suitably for scanning purposes, so that they can be put on the web immediately.

With these instructions for your workshop contributions, I wish to convey my thanks to you all for participating and contributing to this workshop and allowing the community access to an archived proceedings and web pages at this historic moment.


Swapan Chattopadhyay
Special Guest Editor, NuFact'00/NIMPR-A
and Chair Local Organizing Committee, NuFact'00