May 22-26, 2000




Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

¨     A map of NPS is in the registration packet.


¨     Workshop Phone Number:    (M-Th 8 AM- 5 PM,  F 8 AM – 1 PM)

(831) 656-4181.


¨     Breaks:  Coffee and pastries will be served at 8:30 AM each morning in the Ingersoll Hall lobby.

-               Breaks will be held at 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM in the Ingersoll lobby.

¨     Lunches and Banquet:  Your name badge, which has a colored sticker on it, will be used in place of a ticket for lunches and the banquet.

-               The lunches and banquet will be held in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom in Herrmann Hall.

-               The Workshop admin. staff will lead us to Hermann Hall and the ballroom the first day.

-               The banquet will be held on Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM.

-               The deadline for signing up for the banquet is Monday at the 3:30 PM break.

-               There will be “free time” Wednesday afternoon after the lunch hour at 2 PM.


¨     Dinner:  Everyone is one their own for dinner. 

-               A list of recommended restaurants in Monterey County are in your registration packet.


¨     Computers: There are no computer facilities available at the NPS for our use. 

-               A special Computer Room has been set up at the Hilton for your use during the workshop.

-               The laptops at the workshop administration desk are for the administrative staff only.


¨     Copier:  There will be a copier at NPS for your use during the workshop.

-               It is located in the Ingersoll lobby.

¨     Plenary Session Talks:  All talks will be scanned and put on the web each day.

-               Each speaker should give their talks to the Workshop administrative staff after their talk is completed.


¨     Working Groups:  The room locations are in your registration packet along with a map of NPS.

-         Each Working Group needs to assign a Working Group Secretariat.

-         This person will be responsible for collecting the talks given for the Working Group and giving them to the Workshop administrative staff for copying and scanning.


Hilton Monterey


¨     Hilton Monterey fax number:   (831) 655-8608

¨     There is no charge for faxes received.

¨     Faxes can be sent through the hotel’s Business Center.

¨     The charge for sending faxes is $2.00 (domestic) and $5 (international) per page, which will be charged to the sender’s room.

¨     Computer Room (at the Hilton)


¨     We have secured a locked Computer Room at the Monterey Hilton (in the Peninsula Room). 

¨     This room is located to your right as you enter the main lobby to the hotel.

¨     There will be 10 computers (with internet access), one black and white laser printer and one color Deskjet printer for your use during the workshop.

¨     There will also be a copy machine for your use in this room as well.

¨     There will be transparencies available for the printers as well as the copier.


¨     Internet access

There will be instructions posted in the Computer Room as to how to access the internet for checking e-mail.


¨     Computer Room Hours


Sunday:         3:30 - 9 PM

Monday & Tuesday:         8 AM – 9 PM

Wednesday:         8 AM – 9 PM

Thursday:         8 AM – 9 PM

Friday:         7-9 AM


¨     NOTE:  Everything on the hard drive will be purged Friday morning, as the rental computers will be returned to the vendor at 10 AM.



¨     Hilton Restaurant Hours:                  6:30 AM – 2 PM   and  5-10 PM  daily


Attendees List:  Please inform the admin. staff of any corrections/additions to your directory information by Tuesday morning.  An updated copy of the list will be posted on the web by the end of the workshop.