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May 26

8:30-9:00 Registration

of Working Group Activities
- Session 1 -
9:00-10:00 Plenary Session 1:

1) SuperK results (including K2K)
- K. Nakamura - 40+5 mins.

2) Neutrino Physics in next
10 years
- H. Murayama - 40+5 mins.

Plenary Session 4:

1) Review of the R&D needs for a Neutrino Factory
- E. Keil -
about 40+5 mins.

2) Rare Kaon and Muon processes
- W. Molzon -
about 40+5 mins.

Session D
Front End-I
60 mins.

Chair: R. Palmer, BNL

Induction Linac Approach (Y. Fukui, UCLA) 20 min

RF Approach (A. Lombardi, CERN) 20 min

Buncher Options (D. Neuffer, FNAL) 15 min

Plenary Session 6:

1) Physics at a muon collider
- M. Carena -
30+5 mins

2) Towards muon colliders
- R. Palmer -
30+5 minutes.


Session E
Front End-II
40 mins.

Alternating Solenoid and Single Field Flip Channels (N. Mokhov, FNAL)15 min

Ideas for Emittance Exchange (G. Hanson, IU) 15 min

Discussion 15 min

Session G
Proton Driver Options
40 mins.

Chair: J. Gareyte, CERN

CERN Approach (H. Schonauer, CERN) 10 min

Neutrino Factory Studies at RAL (C. Prior/G. Rees, RAL) 10 min

Japan Approach (M. Yoshii, KEK) 10 min

U.S. Approaches (W. Chou, FNAL) 10 min

10:40-11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

Plenary Session 2:

1) Neutrino physics at the Neutrino factory
- A. deRujula -
40+5 mins.

2) Implication of massive neutrinos - P. Ramond - 40+5 mins.

Session A
Joint session with W5

Review of R&D Plans and Schedules (organized by WG-5)
90 mins.

Chair: Y. Iwashita, KEK

R&D in the U.S.
(M. Zisman, LBNL)
30 min

R&D in Japan
(Y. Mori, KEK)
20 min

Panel Discussion of R&D in Japan, Europe, U.S.
(Y. Mori, KEK; H. Haseroth, CERN; M. Zisman, LBNL))
15 min

25 min

Session F
Contributed Papers
90 mins.

Chair: M. Zisman, LBNL

(To be scheduled at Workshop) 90 min

Session H
90 mins.

Chair: E. Keil, CERN

Initial Linac Longitudinal Acceptance (S. Berg, BNL) 10 min

Lattice Design Options for RLAs (V. Lebedev, Jlab) 15 min

Choice of Frequency for RLA-2 (J. Delayen, Jlab) 15 min

Other Acceleration Schemes (Y. Mori, KEK) 15 min

Beam Loading Effects During Acceleration (S. Berg, BNL) 10 min

High-Power RF Sources (D. Sprehn, SLAC) 10 min

Discussion 15 min

of Working Group Activities
- Session 2 -
12:30-2:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Discussion and Closing (end by 1:00 pm)
2:00-3:30 Plenary Session 3:

1) Report on Fermilab study and R&D issues
- N. Holtkamp - 40+5 mins.

2) Report on CERN study and R&D issues
- H. Haseroth - 40+5 mins.

3) Report on KEK work
- Y. Mori -
20+5 mins.

Session B
Joint session with W5

Views of Cooling Front Ends
(organized by WG-5)
90 mins.

Chair: M. Tigner, Cornell

(R. Palmer, BNL)
25 min

(P. Spentzouris, FNAL))
25 min

(A. Lombardi, CERN)
25 min

15 min

Excursion (Optional)






Banquet 6:30-9:30

Session I
Storage Ring
90 mins.

Chair: S. Kamada, KEK

Lattice Design Options for Storage Ring (C. Johnstone, FNAL) 20 min

Options for Polarization (A. Blondel, LPNHE Ecole Polytecgnique) 15 min

Error Sensitivity (M. Berz, MSU) 15 min

Contributions (TBD) 20 min

Discussion 20 min

3:30-3:50 Coffee Coffee Coffee
3:50-5:30 finish Plenary Session 3 (4:15)

Overview from Group Leaders

Session C

Target & Capture
100 mins.

Chair: TBD

Solid Target Options (S. Childress, FNAL) 15 min

Liquid-jet Target Options
(K. McDonald, Princeton)
15 min

RAL Target Studies (P. Drumm, RAL)
15 min

Target and Capture Simulations
(T. Yokoi, KEK)
15 min

Solenoid Capture
(H. Kirk, BNL)
10 min

Horn Capture
(N. Vassilopoulos, CERN)
10 min

20 min

Session J1

Theory & Simulations
70 mins.

Chair: D. Neuffer, FNAL

Simulation Tools Available (Japan.) (S. Kamada, KEK) 10 min

Simulation Tools Available (Europe) (A. Lombardi, CERN) 10 min

Simulation Tools Available (U.S.) (R. Fernow, BNL) 10 min

Beam Dynamics Analysis of Ionization Cooling (K-J Kim, ANL) 10 min

Emittance Blowup During Pion Decay (B. Autin, CERN) 10 min

Discussion 20 min

Session J2
Preparation of Summary Report
30 mins.

Chairs: J. Gareyte, CERN; S. Kamada, KEK; M. Zisman, LBNL

Discussion of what we conclude 30 min