MAP Acceleration Workshop 13–15 April 2011

Purpose and Organization

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the designs of two particular acceleration systems: the linacs and RLAs for the IDS-NF design, and a hybrid fast-ramping accelerator with a final energy of 750 GeV. We will be a working meeting: there are no talks planned. The first day will be devoted to the 750 GeV hybrid fast-ramping accelerator, while the last two days will be devoted to the linacs and RLAs for the IDS-NF. By the end of the workshop, we will produce a report on each of these two topics (these are now available, see below).

With regards to the hybrid fast-ramping design, there have been some ideas of what that design should look like, but the details have not been worked out completely. The document written at this workshop (now available) will contain a short list of design ideas that will be implemented, an enumeration of collective effects studies that will be needed to justify parameter requirements for the machine, and a list of any hardware questions that must be answered to specify the design parameters.

For the linacs and RLAs, we will be going over the existing lattice design to identify any items that still need to be specified and areas where sections of the system need to be properly matched to each other. We will go over the geometric layout of the machine as well. The document for this part (now available) will contain a detailed specificiation of the existing lattice, and a list of additions to and updates of the design that will be needed to have a complete lattice with a realistic physical layout.