Solenoid Capture Workshop, 29–30 November 2010

Workshop starts on November 29, 1PM, Berkner Hall Room C.

The Solenoid Capture Workshop will bring together scientist and engineers interested in exploring solutions for the design and implementation of solenoid capture systems. Such systems are being considered for a variety of applications in which the efficient capture of secondary particles issuing from primary proton beam/target interactions is a premium. Potential users of this type of system include the Mu2e, COMET, MUSIC experiments as well as the PRISM, Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider facilities. The agenda will include presentations but ample time will be devoted to questions and discussions.


Akira Sato (Osaka)The PRISM solenoid capture systems
Vitaly Pronskikh (Fermilab)The mu2e solenoid capture system
Harold Kirk (BNL)The Muon Collider capture system
M. Yoshida (KEK)The MUSIC/COMET solenoid capture systems
Nicholas Souchlas (BNL)Shielding studies for the Muon Collider target
Peter Loveridge (RAL)Engineering challenges of the NF/MC capture system
Simon Canfer (RAL)Radiation damage issues for materials in SC magnets
Ramesh Gupta (BNL)YBCO as an insert for a 20 T large aperture solenoid
Bob Weggel (PBL)Design of a 20 T HTS/Nb3Sn hybrid solenoid
M. Yoshida (KEK)Stabilizer conductance degradation by neutron irradiation

There is also an Indico page to where the talks are uploaded.


Simon CanferRAL
Rick FernowBNL
Ramesh GuptaBNL
Steve KahnMuons, Inc.
Harold KirkBNL
Peter LoveridgeRAL
Kirk McDonaldPrinceton
Vitaly PronskikhFNAL
Akira SatoOsaka
Tengming ShenFNAL
Nicholas SimosBNL
Nicholas SouchlasBNL
Bill WengBNL
Bob WeggelPBL
Peter YaminBNL