MUTAC, 18-19 October, 2001


Privacy and Security Notice

Sonia Mueller, <smmueller@lbl.gov>, will be handling logistics for the meeting.

Sonia will be assembling presentation binders for the MUTAC Meeting. In order to do this, she must receive a hard copy of the presentations by October 10. Please do not send your presentation electronically. Print out your presentation double-sided, two slides per page. Mail the presentations to

Sonia M. Mueller
Office of the Deputy Director
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, MS 50A/4119
Berkeley, CA 94720

For hotel reservations, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Berkeley Marina Radisson. Please phone 800/243-0625 to reserve your room; they are listed under LBL-MUTAC. Rooms are being held for the nights of 17-18 October. The daily rate is $118.00. The cut off date is 1 October.

There will be shuttle service to and from the Marina Radisson for everyone staying there and attending the meeting. There will be one morning pickup (around 7:30 AM) and one drop off (at the end of the day on the 19th and after dinner on the 18th).

For those planning on driving to the lab each day, please contact Sonia to arrange for parking.

A dinner will be held the evening of the 18th; please let Sonia know if you plan to attend and if you have any dietary restrictions.

The agenda is at the bottom of this page.

Those not actually speaking are certainly welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting if you can. A good show of audience support is very beneficial, and you will be there to answer specific questions on your work, should they arise. The review is open to all.

Several documents which may be of interest are available from this web site as well. The documents will be delivered to the MUTAC committee on a CD as well. The documents are

Thursday, 18 October 2001
08:00-08:30 Executive session
08:30-09:10Report of SpokespersonSessler30+10
09:10-09:35Report of Project ManagerZisman20+5
09:35-10:00Neutrino Factory Physics ProgramHarris20+5
10:00-10:20Muon Collider Physics ProgramGunion15+5
10:35-11:15FS-II Parameters and Performance + BNL ActivitiesPalmer30+10
11:15-11:55FS-II Technical Design, Cost, and StagingZisman30+10
13:00-13:20Theory and Simulation Activities and PlansWurtele15+5
13:20-13:45Cooling Theory ActivitiesKim20+5
14:10-14:35Superconducting RF R&DTigner20+5
14:50-15:30MUCOOL Overview and PlansGeer30+10
15:30-16:05NCRF R&D Program and PlansRimmer30+5
16:05-16:25LH2 Absorber Program and PlansCummings15+5
16:25-16:40Low-Energy Muon Cooling PlansCaldwell10+5
16:40-??:??Executive session
Friday, 19 October 2001
08:00-08:40Targetry Overview and PlansMcDonald30+10
08:40-09:20E951 Experimental Results and PlansKirk30+10
09:20-09:35Target SimulationsKahn10+5
09:50-10:10Emittance Exchange R&D Activities and PlansHanson15+5
10:10-10:50Ring Cooler Studies and Emittance Exchange Workshop SummaryRaja30+10
10:50-11:15Cooling Demonstration Experiment PlansKaplan20+5
11:15-11:45International Activities (Europe and Japan)Haseroth20+10
11:45-12:00Final RemarksSessler15
12:00-??:??Lunch + Executive Session
Privacy and Security Notice

J. Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov>
14 March 2002.