2002 Collaboration Meeting


Privacy and Security Notice

Basic Information

The collaboration meeting will be from May 9 through May 15 (only until noon) at the Pridwin Hotel on Shelter Island which is on the east end of Long Island in New York. Sunday will be a day off. The meeting was originally scheduled to occur at St. Croix, but was moved.

You will be required to register for this conference, even if you have already registered for the St. Croix meeting. You must register for the conference by filling out the registration form. In addition, you will have to print out the Registration Payment Form and send that in by mail along with your payment. The registration fee will be $230 ($250 after May 1), and can be paid by check (in US dollars) or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). The registration fee includes a welcome reception, coffee breaks, five lunches, and two dinners. Companions who wish to come to the reception, lunches, or dinners will have to pay an additional fee, which should be paid with your registration. Any questions regarding registration should be directed to Kathleen Tuohy <tuohy@bnl.gov>.

Hotel Information

The meeting hotel is The Pridwin Hotel on Shelter Island. Shelter Island is located in Peconic Bay, between the North and South Forks of eastern Long Island. It's about an hour drive east from Brookhaven National Laboratory. Although Shelter Island is accessible by ferry from both Forks, the Pridwin Hotel and Cottages, located on the northwest side of the island, is most easily reached from Greenport. The North Ferry runs every 10 minutes beginning at 5:40 AM until 12:00 midnight.

You can reserve a room or cottage by calling the Pridwin at 631-749-0476 and telling them you are with the Brookhaven Group. The rate is $99/single and $109 double, continental breakfast included. Guests staying 7 nights will receive 1 day free of charge; guests staying 6 nights will receive a 10% discount.


Shelter Island is, as one might expect, an island. The only access is by ferry which can bring cars across. It would be very difficult to get to Shelter Island from an airport without driving, so you will need to rent a car. However, please try to carpool as much as possible, since parking will be highly limited and the ferry can only take a small number of cars at once.

Computing Information

Computing facilities will be extremely limited at the conference. The Pridwin Hotel has only 5 outside lines, and we will be renting an additional 5. This means that while each room does has its own phone, only 10 people will be able to make phone calls simultaneously. You are encouraged to bring a tin can and lots of string.

We are working on cable modem access, but we're not promising anything at this point.

There will be no computers available at the conference, so bring a laptop if you wish to use a computer.

Information for Presenters

All presenters are required to provide hard copies of their transparencies at the conference. As an alternative, you can provide an electronic version of your presentation to Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov> by May 3. The reason for the early date is to allow time to ensure that the document is printable.
Privacy and Security Notice

J. Scott Berg <jsberg@bnl.gov>
10 April 2002.