Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration Meeting


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Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration
Collaboration Meeting, Thursday - Friday, Feb. 1-2, 2001
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Berkner Hall, Room B

Organizers: A. Sessler, R. Palmer, J. Gallardo, M. Zisman

General Contact: Kathleen Tuohy, 631-344-3845, tuohy@bnl.gov


NOTE: all talk times include 5 min for discussion. Aim presentation for 5 minutes less than the time indicated.

Collaboration Meeting, Thursday, Feb. 1
08:00-09:00Check in and Continental Breakfast
09:00-09:15 A. Sessler (LBNL)Welcome and Introduction
Status Reports on Study II
09:15-09:45R. Palmer (BNL) Parameters and Performance
09:45-10:15S. Ozaki (BNL) ES&H Site specific Issues
10:15-10:40Coffee Break
10:40-11:10M. Zisman (LBNL) Technical and Eng. Issues (pdf) (ps)
10:40-11:00A. Sessler (LBNL)Berkeley Work on Helices
11:00-11:30R. Palmer (BNL)Emittance Exchange in a FOFO Cooling Channel
11:30-12:00V. Balbekov (FNAL) Progress: Ring Cooler
12:00-13:00Lunch and Executive Board Meeting - Room C
Report on Cooling and Emittance Exchange Studies
13:00-13:20R. Fernow (BNL)Status of Emittance Exchange Studies
13:20-13:50C.X. Wang (ANL)Emittance Exchange Theory
Alternative Decay and Phase Rotation Channel
13:50-14:20D. Neuffer (FNAL)rf Buncher Studies
Instrumentation and Diagnostic
14:20-14:40J. Norem (ANL) Diagnostics
14:40-15:00Coffee Break
15:00-15:30N. Solomey (IIT) Diagnostics for the cooling channel/Instrumentation test plan
Physics and Detectors
15:30-16:10S. Geer (FNAL)Physics Study Group report
16:10-17:00 A. Sessler (LBNL), ChairGeneral Discussion
19:00-21:00Dinner - Room A

Collaboration Meeting (cont.), Friday, Feb. 2
08:00-09:00Continental Breakfast
Targetry and E-951 Experiment
09:00-09:15 K. McDonald (Princeton) Overview
09:15-09:45H. Kirk (BNL)E-951:Schedule and Experimental Plans
09:45-10:10C. Finfrock (BNL)Mercury Jet: Experimental plans
10:10-10:30S. Kahn (BNL)Mercury jet: Simulations
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
R & D Toward a Cooling Experiment
11:00-11:10S. Geer (FNAL)Introduction
11:10-11:40A. Moretti (FNAL)/R. Rimmer (LBNL)RF activities at FNAL/LBNL
11:40-12:00M. Popovic (FNAL)Linac area status
12:00-13:00Lunch and Technical Board Meeting - Room C
13:00-13:20Mary Anne Cummings (No. Ill. Univ.) LH2 absorber development
13:20-13:40R. Raja (FNAL)Exploring beam experiment options
Acceleration Issues
13:40-14:20H. Padamsee/D. Hartill (Cornell)SC rf
14:20-14:40C. Johnstone (FNAL)/S. Berg (BNL)Report on FFAG
14:40-14:50D. Trbojevic (BNL)FFAG without opposite bends
14:50-15:05P. Lebrun (FNAL) Status and Plans
15:05-15:20 P. Lebrun (FNAL) GEANT4
15:20-15:35Coffee Break
Additional Reports
15:35-16:00H. Haseroth (CERN) Update on CERN Activities
16:00-16:10R. Raja (FNAL)Report on the Speakers Board
16:10-16:40K. McDonald (Princeton)/A. Sessler (LBNL)Preparation for Snowmass
16:40-17:10N. Solomey (IIT)Diagnostics for the cooling channel/Instrumentation test plan
Higgs Factory and Emittance Exchange
17:10-17:35D. Cline (UCLA)/G. Hanson (Indiana)The Higgs Factory Study
17:35-18:00A. Sessler (LBNL), Chair Discussion
Meeting Adjourn

Privacy and Security Notice
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24 January, 2001.