Special Symposium: Feasibility Study of a Neutrino Factory Based on a Muon Storage Ring at BNL


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Prepared by the Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider
Collaboration and BNL
Friday, May 4, 2001
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Physics Seminar Room, Building 510

Organizer: S. Ozaki, R. Palmer and M. Zisman

General Contact: Kathleen Tuohy, 631-344-3845, tuohy@bnl.gov


NOTE: Aim presentation for 5 minutes less than the time indicated.

Feasibility Study of a Neutrino Factory, Friday, May 4
1:00-1:05 S. Ozaki (BNL)Introduction
1:05-1:35R. Palmer (BNL)Overview of the Facility
1:35-2:05R. Shrock (SUNY- Stony Brook)Physics Motivation
2:05-2:25E. O'Brien (BNL)Detector
2:25-2:45T. Roser (BNL)The AGS as a Driver
2:45-3:05K. McDonald (Princeton)Targetry Experiment and Plans
3:05-3:25Coffee Break
3:25-3:45P. Lebrun (FNAL)Simulation of Phase Rotation and Cooling
3:45-4:05V. Lebedev (FNAL)Simulation of Acceleration
4:05-4:25B. Parker (BNL) Muon Storage Ring
4:25-5:00M. Zisman (LBNL) Technology
5:00-5:15A. Sessler (LBNL) Conclusions

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16 April, 2001.